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Recently there have been a theory that accommodated test takers will have to take the experimental section of the LSAT. I have contacted the LSAC through an email and I have stated:

"To Whom it May concern,
I am writing to the accommodations department of the LSAC about individuals who have extra time on the LSAT. If individuals have time and a half or double time to take the LSAT, will they be required to take the experimental section of the LSAT or will they only take the 4 sections and the writing sample like they have done in the past? For example, I have taken the June LSAT with time and a half due to my disabilities and was only required to take four sections and the writing sample. For the upcoming September LSAT I was approved for double time on the LSAT, so will I be taking four sections and the writing sample or 5 sections and the writing sample?"

Once I receive an answer ( I will receive an expedited answer due to an argument I had with an LSAC representative) I will inform everyone with a screenshot of LSAC's response. I have provided a link down below that outlines the lawsuit between the ADA and LSAC. I hope we may get an answer in our favor!

If anyone has sent an email to LSAC regarding the situation, may you please share your email and their response so we may get to the bottom of the situation at hand. Thank You!

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    Great, thank you. I will do the same and paste their reply to this thread.
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    Hoping for the best!
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    If they give the answer everyone is afraid of, compose an email of disapproval and CC the ADA.
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    @jknauf I contacted the ADA earlier today and we have to start a formal complaint process and me and several other 7sagers might bring it to the attention of the ADA of unfair testing conditions ( some people have to take the exam for 8 hours with only a 25 minute break such as myself). I am just waiting on a response from the LSAC or a forwarded email from a fellow 7sager.
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    I did not know they provide such accommodations
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    @nader.parham yea they will give you accommodations as long as you provide adequate support of your diagnosis and your doctor writes a letter
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    You may be entitled to take the experimental section even if you receive accommodations. This is the case for me on the upcoming test. & No, I will not provide you with any screenshot or quote's from my communications with lsat. If its not to much to ask, you have to take some people's word for granted as I don't see no gain for me in lying or distorting the truth of the matter.
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    @Thankyou7 I appreciate your input on the situation at hand, but many people including myself have taken the LSAT with extra time and have not been required to take the experimental. If the experimental section is included in my exam and many other people's exam, we would be stuck in the testing center for about 6-8 hours with only a 15 minute break. So me and several other 7sagers are trying to get Physical evidence about everyone taking the experimental with accommodations so we may file a complaint with the ADA about unfair testing conditions and a violation of the agreement the LSAC had with the ADA. So in order to do that we would need to see the email either through a screen shot or a forwarded email. As you may imagine this is a very time sensitive case since the LSAT is about a month away. So I'm sorry to say your word doesn't mean anything in this situation.
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    Thanks for making the thread, Matthew. Let's hope we get some good news back.
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    @matthew524 I was responding to your original post that referred to a "theory". In no part in that post where you trying to "gathering evidence" to file a complaint.(which is a privacy issue in itself) What you were trying to do is gather evidence so the "theory" won't be a theory anymore. I suggest you adjust yourself to take the exam with 5 sections rather than spend precious time you could be studying figuring out how to fight against one of the most annoying and stressful organizations like the LSAC. My word may mean nothing to you and something to others in this community that should believe each other, treat each other with respect and decency.
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    I think Matthew's concern was that if this were true, why hasn't he received notification. This is an overwhelmingly reasonable question. I don't receive accommodations, but if I did, I would expect to find out about this through LSAC, not a stranger on an online forum. Why couldn't anyone else confirm this before? The only explanation is that either LSAC notified a randomly selected minority of accommodated test takers and almost certainly and knowingly invited a fresh lawsuit upon themselves or else, perhaps, a stranger on the internet has misunderstood something. One of these scenarios is hard to believe. The other is not. The fact that Matthew bothered to pursue the issue at all is actually, in my mind, lending respect to your original post. He didn't dismiss you outright, rather he sought explanation for how this unlikely situation could have come about. I think even for LSAC, the bungling of this thing this badly is quite far fetched. Don't mistake rational skepticism for an attack on your character or honesty @Thankyou7 , I really don't think that is what's happening here. Based on another thread it seems like this whole thing has been confirmed, but until more than one person had received some kind of notice from LSAC, that just was not the objectively more likely scenario. We all know LSAC has its issues, but this is a new low that was kinda hard to anticipate.
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    Link to screenshot. Explanation is deliberately misleading and untrue as there was no annotation in June and a four-section format.
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