Sorry...another should I or shouldn't I CANCEL thread....

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Hey all,

So yea I'm in this predicament. I've spent a few days in torturous introspection to no avail so lets see what you folks think. I took the test under awful physical conditions to say the least; coughing, sneezing, migraine, light headedness just to name a few of my symptoms (that I'm still dealing with). Had to get up a few times mid section to go spit and blow my nose.....I digress.

I ran out of time on every section (around 5-7 missed in each I'd say) and only got through 2 and a half LG. Oddly enough, I felt pretty confident on almost every question I did answer. Including LG. Mid 160s was my goal but I am all but certain I fell short. Before falling ill, I conceded that I'd retake in December if I came out unconfident. Now I'm faced with the decision of whether or not to cancel. Thoughts?


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    Have you checked this thread out written by JY?
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    if your applictions will be okay with a december LSAT i think you should cancel, whether or not you felt confident on the ones you answered, you likely fell short of your goal and forsure fell short from your potential if you missed 5-7 questions per section from having to get up to blow your nose. you will definately do way way better taking it again in december under better conditions so seems best to then not have the bad score on your record also.
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