Studying for a year ( or however long you need) and taking the LSAT only once ?

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hello 7Sagers,

I have pushed my lsat date back once again to try the 7sage course ! I am so excited, but i cant help but wonder one question..when people take it again is it after they study for over a year ( as long as i have)? i am asking this because I have taken a course that did not help much ..did some self studying ( this helped a little ).. and now im on to 7sage which seems to look bright. I started with the september lsat date and now im changing it to the Feb or June date just to give myself enough time to grasp the material as much as possible. I am doing this because i do not want to have to take this test again. I have taken practice tests so I am familiar with the test, and my goal is to only take the real LSAT once. My question is for those who scored in the 160s range ( where i aim to be ) did you have to take it more than once? I would hope that all the prep im doing will allow me to take it once and ace it . ( note: i understand outside factors such as nerves and mistakes that make people take it over)
My dream is that with me pushing back the dates so much and allowing myself room to grow and practice more, that once i reach my target i will be able to take the LSAT only one time . Has anyone done this before?


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    I also took a course that wasn't very helpful, self studied with LSAT prep books, and now I'm taking the 7sage route. The main difference between us though is that you smartly decided against taking a LSAT when you didn't feel confident in your performance lol. So what I can advise now is do not focus on a test date. Rather, continue doing what you're doing by taking your time with the CC and understand the fundamentals, then you can start looking at test dates. It's ok to give a rough estimate on when you want to take the LSAT, but don't worry about being committed just yet :)
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    Lots of people go one and done. That's totally possible as long as you wait until you're ready, which it sounds like you've got that covered.
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    @montaha.rizeq do you see improvement now that you are on the 7sage route ? Thank you both for your comments
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    Your scoring goal is very reasonable within the allotted time. If applying fall '17 (to matriculate '18) I recommend taking the June sit (more prep time, disclosed, still allows Oct retake) over Feb (undisclosed). Best:)
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    @jjoushlyn said:
    do you see improvement now that you are on the 7sage route ?
    Yes, thankfully.Even before signing up, during the last stages of my prep leading up to the LSAT I was registered for, I decided to check out the free logic games offered by 7sage and they were making more sense to me than what PowerScore has taught me in three months so I had high hopes for what the actual course can do for me haha.
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