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Let's Go Kick Some Dec A$$:)

twssmithtwssmith Alum
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7Sage has to be one of the most remarkable communities I have had the privilege to be a part. I was so stressed and burnt out last week that my hair was falling out and had to completely dis-engage from the LSAT. Just returning tonight, my heart is full and more tears are falling down my face for the love and appreciation for all of my friendships.

The inspiration that you have given me has solidified my decision to register for December knowing that you can achieve so much more when you have a community of support. I didn't change my gravatar from a "snail" to "scrappy doo" for nothing! If I have any hair left after Dec/Feb test dates, I will post a picture of myself:)

Here is what happened to me so wake up and learn from my mistakes!!!

The week prior to the test – I wrote down my guestimate of a realistic breakdown knowing that RC and hard NA/Weaken LR's were my Achilles heel.
LR -4, LR-4, RC -6/7, LG -0/1
Which would have placed me in the mid-160’s range and with a plan to work on the weaknesses for Dec.

I scored 160... Kicker is - I GOT the Virus Game correct but how do you recover from -11 on RC???

I have been breaking down the analytics of the test and here is what I have found so far…
My actual scores:
LR -7, RC -11, LR -6, Exp, LG -3

- One thing I know for sure is that my prep did not provide the stamina required for test day.
- LR1: I hit a rough patch starting at Q17 thru Q24 missing 6/8, lost focus and confidence
- RC: The Aileen Gray passage -3, but the kicker is time management, -6 of last 7 Q’s
- LR2: Missed 3/4 Q9-12 and then 3/4 Q19-22 Need to evaluate Q Types or figure out why the clusters of misses
- LG: Stupid mistake G2, missed 2 stupid G3 b/c I raced thru it to work on Virus Game with it having 6 Q’s & had miscue resetting watch so had no reference of time on the section for pacing

I smiled when I got my score because I actually took the LSAT and scored 80th percentile - however big huge crocodile tears were falling down my face out of sadness that I hadn’t gotten closer to the mid-160’s. I desperately needed a break after all the stress of the past few months compounded by a lot of personal stress with my family. But it is funny that my brain needs to be challenged and I have been playing around with LG games and my favorite LR question types from misc pages I had already printed. Yeah, I know, everyone says I “ain’t right” with how I choose to relax, heehee.

Last Wednesday, it felt like I had a bucket of ice water poured over my head and I just need to center myself. It has taken some time away to regroup and figure out if I can increase my score to the higher 160’s when I really need a low 170 to go to law school. With the help of this incredible community, I believe in ALL of us to try to achieve our highest abilities.

Thank you for your support to not give up and if I can provide any info on my personal experience, please let me know. One thing I promise, no matter what happens, I will learn to not get so over-stressed that it makes me remove myself from a community I care about and will be there for all of you as you continue your prep.

Love you all,


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