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[Test Center Review] National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan

CocoZhangCocoZhang Alum Member
edited October 2016 in Test Center Reviews 476 karma

They have 3 proctors and they are very quiet throughout the whole process. They are not super familiar with the rules but you can tell that they have past experience as proctors for LSAT and are very very nice people.


Bathroom is very close to the classroom and is large enough to accommodate the test takers.

What kind of room:

Normal size classroom with AC on (Taiwan is still hot in September).

How many in the room:

They scheduled it 8*7, but about 30-40% of people didn't show up. So about 30 people in the room.


Classroom-size desk and chair.

Left-handed accommodation:

Not sure.

Noise levels:

Quiet. At 9:30AM there were some noise because another test administered by ETC is happening downstairs. Didn't bother me that much.


I walked to the test center, but, well, it's Taiwan. Why would you want to drive to the test center in Taiwan?

Time elapsed from arrival to test:

The test takers were split into two classrooms so the waiting time is not very long. I think we started before 9.

Irregularities or mishaps:

Didn't notice.

Other comments:

I like this test center a lot. Taipei in general is a relaxing place and the locals are super nice. There are also a lot of good food in this area, so I enjoyed staying there.

The classroom located in the International building, which is on the right side when you enter the main gate. You have to go all the way down the hall to the elevators. The location of the classrooms for LSAT won't be posted until the morning of the test, so don't worry.

And an very important notice: don't mistake National Taiwan University of Science and Technology from National Taipei University of Science and Technology. They are two different schools and located in different part of the city.

Would you take the test here again?

Yes, definitely. I also recommended this test center to my friends.

Date[s] of Exam[s]: September 25, 2016
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