i won't get Preptest 79 in time for J.Y.'s review sessions.

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So i will be getting my preptest 79 november 28 or 29. what should i do with this preptest before the december lsat? it will only be a few days before the real deal. should i just do a blind review and try the Logic games timed? any advice will be appreciated. I'm sure there are others with this predicament.


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    This is a tough one. A delivery on the 28th gives you about 4 or so solid days to take and review the test. Meaning you get the test on a Monday and you sit for the test on a Saturday. I personally would take sections one by one and review them each night just to be up on the newest exam. That would be what I opted to do. This would seem to me to have two benefits: 1. I won't have a blow to my confidence days before the exam if I don't do great. 2.I will be able to see the sections to get a feel for what Saturday might have coming. This is entirely up to you. In the 4 or 5 days prior to the exam I personally would not advise taking a full 5 section exam. Again, this is my personal preference. Boxers do not spar 12 rounds on a Tuesday for a fight coming up on Saturday. Their sparing is behind them at that point. I think a similar phenomena applies to the exam. In the days leading up to a fight boxers are fine tuning smaller aspects of their game and making last minute adjustments to ensure their best performance.

    Your other option would be to save the exam in case of a retake, you have a fresh PT.
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    It's up to you what you ultimately decide to do but I would lean with reserving this PT in case of re-take. I took the September 2016 exam and didn't feel like it was much different than PT 76/77/78 with the exception of the one game notorious for being unusual. I don't think there's much to learn from 79 that you didn't already learn through the most recent ones but others can weigh in if they disagree. I also don't think that you'll actually be learning anything new so close to the exam date. At that point, it's more about boosting your confidence level and keeping your mechanics and momentum strong. I don't think taking the PT in sections is wise unless you have 100% certainty that you won't be re-taking the LSAT or unless you have many recent PTs left to work with in case of re-take. Wishing you the very best as you prepare for PT80! =)
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    This is a tough one for sure. There's only two bad options so no matter what you do, it kind of sucks, lol. So I think this one really is down to individual preference. Personally, I lean towards not taking for basically for the exact reasons as @draj0623 . Again, there's no right answer on this one, so just make the call one way or the other and then don't worry about it any further.
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