PT79.S3.G4 - virus game

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How many of you actually could figure out similar or same game boards as JY's in the first place?
For some reason I thought the key was to recognize we need to use an arrow to represent the transimission...
Anyone used different approach?


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    I did basically what JY did. I think what is so off putting about this game is that the initial setup leaves for a board that is much more flexible than constructions we are used to dealing with.

    I don't think using arrows is necessarily terrible. We use arrows to indicate conditionals, so they just represent something of an inconsistency in this context. At the same time though, I wouldn't consider whatever the symbol used to indicate the transmission as a key to this game. Arrow, line, picture of a cat, whatever as long as it's represented and you know what it means.
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    I just played this game today for the first time and havent looked at any of the explanation videos yet... but it sort of reminded my of the airlines connection game. I also made an early reference that S could only connect to T or U and used that as my base and built from there. which only game me 3/4 game boards. There was one question that gave me a little issue, as I there was a game board I hadnt made, but luckily I tested each answer choice and realized my miss step. I am going to go check out JYs video now to see how he did it. Or if I was way off base. I tend to play the games a little differently but it works well for me, and to be honest my saving grace.
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