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Thank you for making LG fun!

Creasey LSATCreasey LSAT Member
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When I first started studying for the LSAT in June of this year, I went -12 on my LG diagnostic. After dredging through a BluePrint course for three months, I was not seeing any improvement, despite my drilling and constant practice. Nothing clicked. The supposed "easiest section to improve on" was not the case for me, and I was in total disbelief when people told me "You'll eventually enjoy logic games." It didn't make sense because, well, it's really hard to enjoy something you're terrible at!

At the beginning of October, I found out about 7sage through TLS and started tuning in. I signed up for the core curriculum exclusively for JY's advice. I took the time to go through all of the Lawgic materials. I took it seriously when JY said things like "If you don't understand this, you need to go back to the (x) section and review your fundamentals" before listening to the explanations. After a month of review, I started doing LG again. I drilled and practiced like an animal, fool proofed games, tracked my timing, and filled an entire notebook.

I accomplished my first -0 on LG on PT 59. Yesterday, I went -0 on PT 78. Now LG and I are friends.

@"J.Y. Ping" Thank you!


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