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What Exams are reviewed in detail if I purchase the Ultimate package?

DavabrahamsDavabrahams Alum Member
edited July 2014 in General 62 karma
Hey guys, hope everyone is studying hard and improving as they go. I just had a simple question in regards to the Ultimate package that I'm considering to purchase. What exams does J.Y cover in detail review? I know it's say 37 exams reviewed, but can anyone tell me which ones in particular? Thank you guys so much!


  • TeddyKGBTeddyKGB Alum Member
    112 karma
    I have the Ultimate, and I believe there is a video for every question.
  • Alan CheukAlan Cheuk Administrator
    3063 karma
    For LSAT Ultimate, PTs 36 through 71 and June 2007 are included and fully reviewed.

    You can find out what preptests are included and fully reviewed in each course by hovering your mouse over the "__ real LSAT exams, with full video explanations" item in the list for that course.
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