Negotiating in-state tuition/scholarship?

chgunnschgunns Alum Member
I am very uninformed about the entire process, and I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

I deferred admissions last fall at the in-state flagship where I currently work in secondary education. I received a small scholarship to a school that is ranked around 90, but the dominant school in the state I am 75-80% likely to practice. My December score only improved 3 points, but I am now nine points higher than their 75th, though below their 50th in GPA. However, I have a good story since undergrad and the ability to tell it well. I do not know if they will offer more with the marginal improvement.

I was accepted early admissions last month to a neighboring flagship ranked around 35. They are the second strongest school in the state where I reside, physically closer to the city where I would most like to live than the in-state school, and obviously stronger in 49 other states. Due to a childhood move from current state, I lived there for public middle and high school, college (at a small religious school), and even my first job. None of my family currently lives there.

My score is 2-3 points higher than their 75th, but GPA is right at their 25th. They claim "holistic admissions", and GPA minus one semester jumps substantially, plus I have heard it's much easier to find high GPA than high test admits.

Should I be able to at least negotiate in-state tuition? If so, how do I go about doing so?

I appreciate any guidance. I made a couple of misteps early on due to finding 7Sage late, and lack access to an undergrad advisor or anyone close to me who was been through anything similar.


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