Sept. Extended Registration - not a July taker

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I also missed the deadline of Sept. registration and I am not a July taker. However, I still went ahead to register the exam and I had no difficulty in the registration process. But I did not receive the confirmation email (does receive the email that indicating the order has been received) and when I refresh my lsac lsat page, it indicates there is "no further lsat registration." I tried to restart registration, but Sept. registration -- "pending registration in the cart." Does this mean I, a non-July taker, cannot register the exam?



  • Kermit750Kermit750 Alum Member
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    If you did register for the July exam, but it's not allowing you register for the September exam, I would call LSAC. But, if you didn't register for July, unfortunately you won't be able to register for the September exam, because the registration was limited to July registrants. Hope this helps.

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    Call lsac. See if they'll take your money. What's the worst they can do, say no?

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    Hmm. I am not a July taker, but I was able to register for September this morning (with confirmation email) with no problems. Someone on reddit said they called the LSAC who confirmed they opened it to everyone. I haven’t seen any other source for this though...

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    Same here. Not a July taker and was able to register for September. I would call LSAC right away!

  • cornfield.xcornfield.x Free Trial Member
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    Thanks everyone!! I emailed LSAC and had received the confirmation email.

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