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[Over] AMA Webinar with David and J.Y.

David BusisDavid Busis Member Moderator
edited August 2018 in Webinars 7272 karma


Thanks for coming, everyone! If you attended the webinar, you can pitch an idea for a blog post here to enroll in the contest for a free Edit Once.


On Thursday, August 9, at 9 p.m. ET, J.Y. and I will host an ask-me-anything webinar. Come with questions about the LSAT, law school admissions, J.Y.’s freehand computer diagramming skillz, string theory, cooking the perfect chicken roulade, or anything else. Fair warning, though—we probably won’t answer anything except LSAT and law school admissions questions. (Re: roulade—LEMON ZEST.)

:cookie: We’ll give one webinar participant a free Edit Once.

:warning: You’ll have to register for this webinar in advance.

→ Please register for the webinar (August 9, 2018 @ 9:00 p.m. ET) here:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information about joining the webinar.

Zoom might prompt you to download something before you can join the webinar, so I’d advise you to show up a bit early on Thursday.

I hope to see you there!


  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma

    JY and David in one AMA? How could I miss this?

  • akistotleakistotle Member 🍌🍌
    9372 karma

    @Alex said:
    JY and David in one AMA? How could I miss this?

    I know! How come everyone else isn't as excited as we are!? :joy:

  • JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Core Member
    1532 karma

    I'm really excited for this!!!

  • 776 karma

    OMGOSH - get to actually question the real JY honoured :smile:

  • Beast ModeBeast Mode Live Member
    840 karma

    So excited for this!!

  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11542 karma

    I would love to attend :)

  • Seleti FinauSeleti Finau Alum Member
    8 karma

    Excellent! I have many questions about blind review

  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
    2689 karma

    Anybody know if we can jump in a few mins late? It's going to be tight fitting this in my schedule. My kid's first open house night at middle school is the same day, just before.

  • David BusisDavid Busis Member Moderator
    7272 karma

    @AudaciousRed Yes, no problem!

  • el_wonderel_wonder Member
    11 karma

    What is the meeting ID?

  • David BusisDavid Busis Member Moderator
    7272 karma

    Hope to see you all tonight!

  • Lucas CarterLucas Carter Alum Member
    2798 karma

    A blog post regarding meditation and studying

  • Claire Z.Claire Z. Alum Member
    116 karma

    Trying for that edit once. :)

    I'd like to see a post exploring scholarships and financial aid, especially how they overlap with applying early decision. It would be useful to have some advice on how to decide whether to apply early decision when the potential for scholarships is a factor. Or, more generally speaking, advice on how to try to leverage offers from different schools when your life circumstances don't allow you to move far away.


  • Blues CluesBlues Clues Alum Member
    106 karma

    I'd like to see a blog post about the influx of applicants this last year and the impact it had the schools 25%/50%/75% LSAT and GPA. And if you anticipate this cycle being more competitive than last based on this?

  • Isaiah4110Isaiah4110 Alum Member
    275 karma

    I would like to see a blog post about study strategies for full time working professionals.

  • FilibusterFilibuster Alum Member
    edited August 2018 100 karma

    Thanks for the webinar, David and JY. Quite helpful. It would be nice to see a blog post about schools and their employment rates.

  • joelakaufmannjoelakaufmann Alum Member
    13 karma

    I want a blog post about nutrition while studying!

  • Alum Member
    72 karma

    I would love to see a blog post on things to help people keep a good perspective!

  • shegotitshegotit Member
    211 karma

    I would like to see a post about the anxiety of taking practice tests

  • GBDC0057GBDC0057 Alum Member
    18 karma

    A blog for the older folks with several years of experience/out of school and being a splitter.

  • 615 karma

    I want a blog post about the order of PTs to take after CC. (should I spread out tests from 60's and 70's because they are a little harder?)

  • fluke180fluke180 Alum Member
    50 karma

    I want a blog post about self-selection and law school choices! How do I assess myself beyond scores and percentages?

  • ChaimtheGreatChaimtheGreat Alum Member 🍌🍌
    1277 karma

    I blog post on on how to study for the LSAT when you are running out of material would be awesome!

  • mjmonte17mjmonte17 Alum Member
    757 karma

    I think a blog post about study strategies 2-3 weeks before taking the LSAT would be helpful! For example, should I take the week off before the test or continue taking PTs up until test day?

  • LCMama2017LCMama2017 Alum Member
    2134 karma

    Hello - I posted this in the chat box of the webinar about an hour ago:

    My blog post suggestion is to write about study tips and application tips for non-traditional students and our chances of getting in to law school. I feel like alot of the focus is on recent college graduates but there are many of us in our 30's and 40's who would appreciate the guidance.

  • DEC NutsDEC Nuts Alum Member
    111 karma

    I would echo the suggestion of Josie Contreras regarding the trend of law school applicants and the effects it has had on 25, 50, 75 percentiles. An explanation more than just data would be great.

  • PandaRamenPandaRamen Alum Member
    162 karma

    I would like to read a post about anxiety and depression and its correlation to LSAT takers. Maybe proven methods to deal with it before during and after as well.

    Ive seen a lot of anxiety posts in the forum lately.

  • ElleWoods77ElleWoods77 Alum Member
    1184 karma

    I would like to see a blog post discussing when seeking a consultant may be beneficial for admissions.

  • NefertariNefertari Alum Member
    edited August 2018 202 karma

    Please provide us with a blog post about whether JY has a cat or a dog or both. I have seen mixed comments regarding this issue throughout 7sage threads! (Disregard if it is too private for public knowledge.) :smile:

  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
    2689 karma

    I would love to see a blog post about managing family life and law school. It would be even more interesting to me if it involved having to travel to school and to home some distance. This is something I will have to deal with, and reading about someone else's experiences in handling it would be very helpful to me. I realize this may not be feasible depending on who you have as writers on your team.

    I guess an optional idea would be something like "How to ask for more money without upsetting the school admissions officers or making yourself look weak or greedy".

  • Kermit750Kermit750 Alum Member
    2124 karma

    I would like a blog post on ways to maintain mental health during LSAT study and applications

  • TwinklebatTwinklebat Alum Member
    9 karma

    It would be helpful to see a blog post about how to study during the last week (I know it was briefly answered during the webinar, but I still think something a little more thorough would be useful). Thank you!

  • ML_LSAT_KillaML_LSAT_Killa Alum Member
    edited August 2018 267 karma

    I have two (kinda). (1) @ElleWoods77 proposed topic of "when seeking a consultant may be beneficial"...I like this idea...but there are two "whens" maybe... (a) like depending on an individuals circumstances (b) like temporal as in how long before you are going to be applying, how much time in advance one would need to procure such services. I would mainly be interested in a blog on the second "when" (b)

    (2) Before @ElleWoods77 entry I thinking about negotiating offers...something I hope I will need to be able to do (eventually) :) . You touched on this a little when a question was proposed about ED to VA, and I would love a blog that gave more of the insight into the negotiating of scholarship offers.

  • Habeas PorpoiseHabeas Porpoise Alum Member Sage
    edited August 2018 1866 karma

    Thanks for doing the session today!

    It would be great to see a blog post about the advantages and disadvantages of going to law school early versus after a few years, especially for those of us more recently out of undergrad.

  • turnercmturnercm Alum Member 🍌
    770 karma

    Hey! Please post any waitlist advice you have! This cycle was a waitlist nightmare for many applicants. I'm sure many would be better prepared for the upcoming cycle if we got some pointers on that ?

  • elaine3457elaine3457 Alum Member
    13 karma

    A blog post on LOR strategy for different types of applicants! And for different schools.

  • jhbm_nycjhbm_nyc Alum Member
    568 karma

    My suggestion is a blog post about making a choice between big law (take the $$$) and public interest (follow your passion), perhaps from the perspective of someone who's done both.

  • Linda1205Linda1205 Member
    215 karma

    Thank you for the wonderful session today!
    I would love to see a blog post about what international students should focus on during their application/writing/LSAT Prep. As an international student, we should both know our strength and weakness in this whole application process. I was bothered by the study schedule/managing school life during the prep time, and feeling anxious about the incoming application season. I hope 7sage’s will have more constructive strategy on this. Thanks you guys!

  • akrieglerakriegler Alum Member
    245 karma

    Thanks for the AMA session today!

    I think a blog post about employment and the LSAT/law school would be helpful. For example, my employers don't know that I plan on going to law school. It is really nerve-wracking because the LSAT (and law school) have become almost like a double life for me (cue the Hannah Montana theme song). I think that there may be other people who are afraid to discuss their upcoming plans with employers out of fear of losing their jobs. The post could include advise on how to balance work/studying when your job is unaware of such a major commitment, as well as how to break the news to your current employer.

  • HopingforT14HopingforT14 Alum Member
    32 karma

    Similar to what others have stated, I would love a blog post about applying to law schools after a few years of employment. In particular how important it is to include LORs from your current employer when you think you would likely get better recs from professors/supervisors from jobs during undergrad.

  • liubrianliubrian Alum Member
    11 karma

    Thanks for the AMA yesterday!

    I'd love to see a blog post with advice on some of the soft lifestyle factors for LSAT prep. I've personally found (and have heard others echo similar sentiments) that adding regular workout routines, eating better, incorporating meditation, etc. into their daily lives have helped them get into the right mindset and focus for PTing. Would love to get some advice on that front.

  • Beast ModeBeast Mode Live Member
    840 karma

    Thank you so much for the AMA last night JY and David! :smile:

  • TheLSATerTheLSATer Alum Member
    137 karma

    Last night was super helpful! Thank you

  • SLP_futureJDSLP_futureJD Alum Member
    464 karma

    @joelakaufmann I have recently started following on Instagram and on FB. I really like her recipes and style of eating. I have felt energized while I've been eating the way she proposes and I think it's helping me with my focus while studying. She sells cookbooks on her website but she also posts free recipes on her Insta all the time. I saw your suggestion for a blog post and wanted to let you know about it b/c it's been working for me really well! Happy studying!

  • David BusisDavid Busis Member Moderator
    edited August 2018 7272 karma

    And the winner is… @Linda1205! Congrats! Email with the subject line "Blog Pitch Contest—E1" to claim your Edit Once.

    Thanks for the great ideas, everyone!


  • Linda1205Linda1205 Member
    215 karma

    OMG thank you David! Will send it to you soon!

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