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That Borges RC passage... (Kind of a rant)

I re-took the June 2018 LSAT today. I remember when I took it in June and RC was my first section. When I turned the page and saw the passage was on Borges and fiction, I was elated. All of my nerves disappeared. I worship Borges. To me, there's writers, and then there's great writers, and then there's Borges. He's a marvel of literature. I've read almost almost all of his short fiction ("The Aleph" and "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius" are my faves) and have taught his work at colleges. I know a lot about him (his love for magnifying glasses, how he went blind late in life, his career as a librarian in Buenos Aires). He's a GOD to me. But did this help me that day, or today, on my RC? Nope! That RC section, and that passage, picks me apart. Usually I'm -3 to -5 on RC. Today I went -9. And 3/6 on the Borges passage. Just goes to show, sometimes having previous knowledge doesn't help. If anything, I think my Borges' biases on that section was a hindrance.


  • juanmapmjuanmapm Alum Member
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    I resonate with this post. Except your Borges is my Marcuse. And your June 2018 RC is my September 2014 RC. I'll always be haunted by the LSAC's author's criticism of Marcuse's dismal view on humanity's capacity to free itself from the alienation and inescapability of advertisements (it's like they've never seen Mad Men!!!!).

  • Adam HawksAdam Hawks Alum Member
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    The Garden of Forking Paths led you down the road to the most mistakes.

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