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New Feature: Print PDFs of Custom Drills from the Question Bank

studentservicestudentservice Alum Member Administrator Moderator Student Services
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You can now print a PDF of LSAT Questions straight from the Question Bank!

Select the questions you want to work on by clicking the cart icon, and then click the blue "View ... selected questions" button on the bottom right:

Make Your Own Custom Drills

If LSAT Analytics tells you to work on Flaw questions....

Go to the Question Bank! Let's say you've done PT66, 67, and 68 recently and want to drill all the flaw questions from those PTs.

Select "Flaw or descriptive weakening" (or add "+Flaw"), type PT66, then add all the Flaw questions:

Then type PT67 and add all questions. Then do the same for PT68.

Now click "View 23 selected questions" to generate your custom drill in a printable PDF!


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