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173! My LSAT Journey is over! Thank you JY for your BR sessions!

TheoryandPracticeTheoryandPractice Alum Member
edited December 2018 in General 1008 karma

I was retaking a 171 I got on the June, 2018 LSAT for better scholarship opportunities and also to at least meet LSAT median at HYS. I was telling myself that I’d stop retaking if I meet 173, and that is the score I got!

I’d like to thank 7Sage, and also personally JY because attending JY’s BR sessions for PT85 (September 2018 exam) was really helpful to me.
I went by the username “TP” by the way. Haha.
For the November exam, I went -1 on RC and -3 combined on LR.
I actually went -2 on RC and -4 combined LR when I took the September exam as a PT the week before the November exam.

I really think that attending JY’s BR sessions contributed to reducing the mistakes by 2. I volunteered to answer the questions as much as I could during the sessions, and that really paid off! I felt like I knew all the tricks in the books and walked in to the test center very confidently.

I highly recommend attending JY’s BR sessions (of the most recent LSAT administration) the week before your real LSAT.


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