Study buddy / accountability partner in South Korea (or generally in the same time zone)?

lsatletsdothislsatletsdothis Alum Member

Hi everyone,

Is anyone in this time zone up for keeping each other accountable? I'm thinking of daily check-ins (messaging each other to see if we made progress) and such. I've seen similar threads posted before and know it's kind of a long shot, though, seems not many people here responded to previous calls like this.

Let me know!


  • Chloe ParkChloe Park Member
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    I'm in South Korea! I'd be willing to send daily check ins!

  • lsatletsdothislsatletsdothis Alum Member
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    @"Chloe Park" coolll I just Pm'd you :)

  • hl_alarakhl_alarak Alum Member
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    Hi @lsatletsdothis,

    Hailing from Seoul here. Glad to see other 7Sagers in the vicinity!

  • shrutisrivshrutisriv Alum Member
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    Hey! I'm in India (I think we're 3.5 hrs behind South Korea, timezone wise) and would definitely be interested in daily check-ins / possibly discussing questions we're having problems with .. I'm registered for the March LSAT and am redoing LR from scratch (hoping to improve my score as that seems to be my weakest section).. let me know if you, or anyone else would be interested! @lsatletsdothis

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