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Septemeber LSAT (accountability partners)

Fighting FoxFighting Fox Alum Member

I'm falling behind in my studying just a bit and sometimes I need a little extra push (typical millennial) to help me. Anyone else feel to same? Having someone to push me and having someone to push would be helpful. Thanks


  • jmarmaduke96jmarmaduke96 Member Sage
    2891 karma

    Hi there!
    I would be more than happy to be accountability partners, how much studying are you trying to get through a day? feel free to PM me if you want!

  • Lily2020Lily2020 Member
    102 karma

    I can also assist with being an accountability partner! I'm writing in september as well!

  • Marce2020-1Marce2020-1 Free Trial Member
    24 karma

    @ Fighting Fox I know exactly what you mean!
    Im interested in getting an accountability partner as well!!

  • Fighting FoxFighting Fox Alum Member
    51 karma

    Awesome!! Thank you guys for the response. I will make it a priority to study from 8am-11am TOMORROW morning! No excuses. How about you guys? Can you get anything done tomorrow, and if you can how long are you going study for?!

  • KeepCalmKeepCalm Alum Member
    807 karma

    Count me in! I will start a group chat for all of us!

  • vichinskyvichinsky Alum Member
    502 karma

    This great I would like to join as well.

  • NJBorg894NJBorg894 Free Trial Member
    11 karma

    Same here! Count me in!

  • EmelyM93EmelyM93 Member
    75 karma

    Same!- count me in!

  • l.givilanczktvl.givilanczktv Free Trial Member
    33 karma

    Same. I will be writing in Sept and would love to join in. With a full time job, a newborn, and school full time, I could use some people to push me.

  • Snoopy123Snoopy123 Alum Member
    105 karma

    Hi! Im taking the LSAT In September as well and would love join in!

  • studyingandrestudyingstudyingandrestudying Core Member
    5254 karma

    I'd like to join you. Thanks! I'm a nontraditional student.

  • CSieck3507CSieck3507 Member
    1376 karma

    I would like to join as well! And I also study from 8am to 11am which is great!

  • Gee-dawgGee-dawg Member
    319 karma

    Me too! I am planning on taking the September LSAT as well.

  • sshaw14sshaw14 Member
    16 karma

    This describes me to a T! I plan on taking the September LSAT. I have a full time job so accountability is key

  • vroman113vroman113 Core Member
    49 karma

    Im looking for an accountability partner I work full time I'm looking to study 15-20 hours per week.

  • Mia71377Mia71377 Alum Member
    26 karma

    I’d be in as well!

  • Beast ModeBeast Mode Live Member
    840 karma


    I am interested

  • shivani98shivani98 Alum Member
    31 karma

    Hi! I'd love to join as well :)

  • Positive-1Positive-1 Live Member
    985 karma

    Im interested too.

  • 29 karma

    Sign me up for the group chat! I'm July/September.

  • alumivacuialumivacui Alum Member
    212 karma

    Throw me into the mix!!

  • Fighting FoxFighting Fox Alum Member
    51 karma

    Whats up guys! We had started a small group chat on here but I think commenting will be a little easier. Today my goal is study 2 and a half hours of material. What are some of you goals today?!

  • stephmp1296stephmp1296 Alum Member
    44 karma

    Count me in! This will be my third time and hopefully last time taking the LSAT in September! I'm hoping to get at least 3 hours in with some breaks in between :)

  • Anthony92Anthony92 Alum Member
    54 karma

    I'd love to join! this is a great idea.

  • 5MoreMinPlease5MoreMinPlease Yearly Member
    128 karma

    I NEED in on this!

  • Fighting FoxFighting Fox Alum Member
    51 karma

    New game plan on this post. Whenever you study, do your best to put it on here. It’ll motivate others and will keep you accountable. I got in 2 and a half hours today!

  • sanambath19sanambath19 Core Member
    37 karma

    I wanna join!

  • fiosante100fiosante100 Alum Member
    4 karma

    anyone in NYC who want to meet up Saturdays to study for the September LSAT?

  • EmelyM93EmelyM93 Member
    75 karma

    I fell behind too had a rough weekend! But i have found a very BIG weak point from studying the CC & doing some PTs+BR. And thats WEAKEN questions& pretty much Except/unless questions. I legit spend like 5 mins on them and while its not a score increase or anything like that, i feel like its progress to notice small weak points with the LSAT plus i noticed a huge pattern in almost all of the PTs i have taken thus far. Anyways, this morning before work I managed to get in 1hr and will do another after work. Currently I'm doing 2hrs M/T/Th and 4hrs on W/F. Saturdays/Sundays I practice timed LG sections and review them slowly. I've just gotten to the point where I rather grasp wth Im doing then just counting hours per day if that makes sense. So although i only watch 4-5 videos per study sesh, I go in depth with typing notes (i print them then laminate them at the end of the week), reading comments of different ways people do a problem and it seems to be working well for me !

  • SydneySydney Member
    5 karma

    Me as well!

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