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Advice for a slump

LSAT RockyLSAT Rocky Member
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I've been scoring lower on my PT's lately than in the past couple weeks. I have went from several 166's and a 168 back down to 158-162 over my past several PT's. I have had some more trouble focusing as of late, and have made more dumb mistakes, especially on logic games, than normal. Anyone have advice on how to get my scores back up and past my high scores?


  • alumivacuialumivacui Alum Member
    212 karma

    Yep! Take a break my friend. If you've noticed an obvious decline in scores... in an obvious way... that is not attributable to increased difficulty in PT's , then it sounds like you're starting to burn out.

    I cannot speak for you, but, personally, I'm just getting off a 3-day break for this exact reason. I'd been studying daily for little over a month... and I began to get lazy. And, when I say lazy, I don't mean, just not doing it, I mean it in the same way you explain it... That I began to "gloss" over the passages... "gloss" over the answer choices... and not "fully" comprehend/breakdown/think about what I was doing. I was on auto pilot.

    From what I've learnt thus far while studying for the LSAT, most people wouldn't traditionally consider what I explained as "laziness" per sae... but more of "honest mistakes". But, I contend that if these aren't mistakes you typically make... or mistakes you know how to avoid... it isn't a lack of knowledge that is causing you to get the question(s) wrong, but the (lack of) effort put into the question.

    But I digress! Best of Luck :)

  • xenonhexafluoroxenonhexafluoro Alum Member
    428 karma

    Take a break, ranging from a day to a week. Do things you enjoy that aren't LSAT related. Then, review and drill questions from your lower scored PTs. I'd even redo timed sections and see how they go. & try to analyze your performance. Maybe there's no rhyme or reason as to why your scores have dropped. Maybe you're just burnt out. Or maybe there are sections you performed worse on or question types that you consistently missed. Identify your weak points, own them, and work on them. As you become confident that you are mastering the questions you missed, start taking fresh PTs. Do give yourself breaks though! They may seem like a waste of time, but they can energize you and make you more efficient in your prep.

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