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Hey 7sagers,

Been on this community for sometime – reading peoples posts, getting help, etc. 7sage is by far one of the best LSAT content out there. Since I have been scoring in the 160s, I wanted to give back to the community. I am deciding to now do free online tutoring/lsat coaching.

Before reading below, mind my spelling as I am in a rush typing this LOL

My LSAT journey:
- This coming July will be my 2-year mark studying for the test part-time (like really really really part-time. Weeks upon weeks go by that I barely get an hour in because of my schedule)
- Started at a 143 and have already made a 20+ point improvement. I remember struggling to complete 17 questions in LR and let alone complete even 2 passages in RC. The good old growing pains that I am sure a lot of have gone through.
- My goal: to end my LSAT journey at a 175+ (long way to go but yeah).
- Currently get tutored by @BinghamtonDave & @Sami

About Me: To sum it up – I am busy!!!
- Married & a father
- Completing my full-time masters in social justice education
- Teacher & full-time tutor (own a high school tutoring company): I am not trying to boast LOL – but yeah I teach/tutor for a living. I kinda think I have a little bit of experience when it comes to this LOL
- Love basketball and fishing ( I use a lot of these analogies when doing my LSAT stuff. If you are Lebron fan, I ain’t helping LOL)
- Located in Toronto, Canada

Why am I doing this? ….

1) The Challenge: Trust me when I say this - I KNOW THE GRIND LOL. I know the tears….ripping up paper….. the feeling of throwing your tablet on the floor (but understanding shit you need it to type up your masters assignment)…feeling like you cant do it… giving up and never wanting to hear the four letter word LSAT….its real and I know it. However, for me… my wife has always been my number 1 supporter and has kept me a float all the time. I remember crying in her arms one time when I started a long time back– but at that point I didn’t really understand the LSAT and the LSAT world LOL… I come from a brown/desi family of over achievers. We are all perfectionists – people who on the first try get and achieve what they want. But, for me the LSAT wasn’t that and my perfectionism was killing me. My family didn’t really understand what the LSAT was. I am not going to even start to say what my in laws thought LOL. I remember my brother just telling me “bro just do PTs and get this done with” – only if they knew what the LSAT world is about. I remember the first time when I thought to consider LSAT tutoring – I was like “me… the guy who tutors for a living, really?” I understand the stigma and mental burden around asking people for help – sometimes it sucks, but sometimes its needed. To me the LSAT is a sport – just like any competition there is levels to it (the 170s people know what I mean). Just like any sport, people have coaches, mentors, teachers to show them the ropes, tips and tricks, etc. similarly, the LSAT is the same. I know how expensive and financially challenging this entire process can be. I know the financial aspect can be barrier for many. Tutoring can be expensive… so yeah. I am not sure if any of this relates LOL but I am sure it will ring the bell for some.

2) Better myself: At the end day, when I am helping you out, my LSAT knowledge improves.

How’d it work?
- Online via skype & One Note
- Based upon my schedule and availability (usually weekday and weekend mornings based upon Toronto timing)

- Ideally if you are in Toronto or have the same time zone (makes working out timings easier)
- If you have access to 7sage or some sort of LSAT question bank

If you are interested, DM me and will go from there!


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    Just wanted to add, when you DM, try to share the following:
    - Your current/Diagnostic score
    - Intended LSAT Goal/Mark
    - Strengths and Weaknesses
    - What would you like help in?
    - Location & Time Zone
    - Hobbies/Interest

  • BinghamtonDaveBinghamtonDave Alum Member 🍌🍌
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    @Trusttheprocess would make a great mentor for those who are in need of some help on this exam! The community is lucky to have him and he has my full endorsement. Kind people willing to help others like this is what makes 7Sage so great!

  • ingridalex25ingridalex25 Alum Member
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    This sounds great! I can use tons of help.

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    Thanks for everyone that has reached out. Not making any decisions until next week.

    If you are interested, please DM with the responses to the above questions.

  • SamiSami Live Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    Just saw this and I second @BinghamtonDave
    @Trusttheprocess will make a great tutor and mentor! Everybody please make use of this wonderful opportunity.

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    Thanks Sami!

  • zdanlaw1991zdanlaw1991 Member
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    This sounds great! I will DM you.

  • rsoogoorrsoogoor Alum Member
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    Just saw this and I think this is awesome !! I have been getting tutored by @Trusttheprocess and can confidently say he is great ! Here are my thoughts...

    Prior to getting tutored by @Trusttheprocess I was struggling on many elements with the test and did not have a good understanding of the level of complexities required to conquer the LSAT. However just after few months, I saw a great improvement in my reading skills and my ability to critically analyze and question flaws/holes in arguments in LR and RC.

    He really knows how to build good base knowledge and strong working habits. This is especially true in LG where the process of good habits are highly important. LG can be self-learnable, however at the beginning it is important that the process of doing games is in place and @Trusttheprocess can definitely add value in this area. He is really good at breaking down complex ideas into small chunks. The biggest gain for me was hard In/Out games, the process that he showed was very easy to comprehend.

    LR & RC
    I am grouping these two together as the core skill required for both of these are critical reading. @Trusttheprocess has helped me immensely to build a habit of visualizing and analyzing every single word in the stimulus/passage. The progress I have made the past few months has given me tons of confidence and a change in my mindset of approaching LR and RC.

    Overall, @Trusttheprocess has been really empathetic and flexible with this teaching approach and I am happy to recommend him to anyone who is starting their journey or even mid way through their LSAT.

    You can contact me if you have more questions, happy to chat !

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    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to say thank you to those who reached out to me and all the students I interviewed. It was honestly a humbling experience and something I am looking forward to doing in the future more.

    For the time being, I have chosen my two students that I will be tutoring. However, in the near future I will be opening up some more spots. For those who ended up not making the cut, I am still a message away from help, tips, etc.

    G'luck and keep killing it.

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