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Linking Conditional Statements

miriaml7miriaml7 Live Member
edited August 2020 in Logical Reasoning 1024 karma

I've recently been working on Parallel Flaw questions and have realized that I am struggling with linking up conditional statements. When I am given a statement such as:

All dogs are happy. If you are happy, you will live a good life.

The presence of conditional indicators allows me to recognize that the statement above uses conditional logic. Beyond that, there is also a "link word" that allows for me to chain these two statements together. The "link word" is "happy."

However, I have started to come across stimuli that use conditional logic, but do not have an outright pronounced "link word." An example of this is PT32-Section4-Q21. The stimulus provides us with the following:

Premise 1:

Experimental psychology requires application of statistics

experimental psychology -----> application of statistics

Premise 2:

You can't understand such application without training

understand application -----> training

In the video explanation JY seemingly seamlessly uses logic to link together the two premises.

I am struggling to see how these two premies can be linked up. I thought application of statistics and understanding of statistics were two distinct ideas.

There have been a couple other questions where I have run into a similar issue. I think that for me there is a disconnect between the context of the sentence and the conditionality. I would really appreciate some insight regarding this particular question, and just a general idea of what I can do to get better with this gap in my understanding of conditionality.

Thanks in advance!


  • NamritaktNamritakt Member
    175 karma

    You cannot understand "such" an application without training is referential phrasing. Such refers to the application of statistics, so the link word is essentially application of statistics.

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