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LSAT Flex- can I use wireless mouse?

caw8tzzzcaw8tzzz Alum Member
in General 135 karma

I have a laptop, but I want to use a wireless mouse, rather than the touchpad. I looked up the LSAT requirements and there was no mention of this, so has anyone that has taken the Flex used a wireless mouse?


  • OldLadyKOldLadyK Alum Member
    396 karma

    Yes, I used one with my laptop for the July Flex.

  • hopefullinghopefulling Member
    905 karma

    Whew, I wondered the same thing. I had a plug-in one ready on stand-by. I'm surprised by this, since they make it seem like periphery stuff is forbidden - so I'm SO HAPPY to hear that one has been used. :smiley:

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