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not sure what do to

just got my results for the august flex and was about 3-4 points off what I needed/wanted. Really disappointing to see it because I went through a rough 4 and half months and wanted to just never look at the lsat again. I know it would probably be best to take again but like i dont even know where to start or what to do for prep until the november test. I am a senior in school now so I have other work to worry about and an internship so I cant even put all my attention on it like i did this summer. The score I got is about 4 points off the 25 percentile in my top three schools so it would be a reach, but my gpa is just under the 75th percentile so not sure if i should roll the dice or just prep and take again. helppppp


  • OldLadyKOldLadyK Alum Member
    396 karma

    I'm in favor of taking it again. Many of us score lower on the actual test than where we're PTing, especially the first time around. If you score better on the next try then great. If you score the same or lower you still have your first score to fall back on. There's not a lot of risk or harm in another take. Good luck with whatever you choose and I wish you the best!

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