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I would like to take on a couple people to tutor (free).

canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
edited October 2020 in General 7902 karma

Closed for now - will update as I figure out if I can handle more people. If you came in after the comment I posted below, I will be in contact if I can free up some more time.

Hey all! Am looking to tutor 1-2 people at no cost. Would like them to have:

  1. scored in the high 150s to low 160s
  2. finished the CC

While those aren't hard rules, I believe that if you have yet to break into the high 150's, you would be better served by focusing on the CC and drilling games. No expert, but I think sub-160 scores indicate the need for work on foundational concepts, and it's hard to beat what you already have here on this site... I definitely can't teach it better than that.

  • I've been on 7sage since January 2020, and have also done KA, Trainer, Loophole, and the Powerscore Bibles.
  • My last 10 PTs are 168, 169, 166, 171, 171, 169, 167, 168, 174, 172 (average 170), and I have done multiple flex administrations.
  • No experience tutoring this test, but I do have significant experience in military & law enforcement training roles, and have been a public school sub-teacher for about a year.
  • Background is in Psychology/Sociology... non-trad... guy... been through one application cycle... dunno if any of that that matters.
  • I am in Hawaii (UTC -10) and would typically be most available Monday and Friday morning to early afternoon... so like mid-day to evening if you are CONUS.
  • I can focus on any area of the test. Particularly interested in hitting difficult LR.

I benefited a lot from just a few lessons with a couple tutors here, and would like to help someone else while hopefully refining my own approach to this test. If interested, hit me up and we can discuss. Obviously fit is important, so I want to make sure what I can offer will help you (and by extension help me!). Will maintain this post with pertinent updates.

Edit 10/22/20 1019Z: Thanks for all the responses! Wasn't expecting that much traffic after just 30 minutes. Posted a temporary cutoff comment below so I can be sure to get back to everyone.

Edit 10/22/20 1043Z: Everyone should have comms from me. Will update once I get a feel for my capacity. Would love to work with as many people as I can handle!


  • LSATfiendLSATfiend Monthly Member
    4 karma

    most difficult section is LR for me as well as finishing with answering all questions.

    4 karma

    I am interested. I enjoy doing LR and LG. I would love for someone to tutor me. Thank u in advance. I struggle with assumption questions the most.

  • hamza_windsorhamza_windsor Alum Member
    10 karma

    Hey, I just started studying for the LSAT. I am not exactly sure of where I stand but would love to learn from someone who is been studying and has a background in this stuff. I know you're looking for people who have decent scores, but if for any reason you cannot find anyone and would like to tutor me I would love to.

  • ___AZ______AZ___ Alum Member
    87 karma

    Hi there, I am scoring around at high 150 and would be very much interested.

  • _tignis__tignis_ Alum Member
    34 karma

    Hey I have been studying for a few months now, and score in the low 160s. I am registered for the November LSAT Flex as well!

    I just received my score on the October LSAT and recieved a 160 flat.

    It would be amazing if you could help me out!!

    Thanks, tignis

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    7902 karma

    Replying as a temporary cutoff, pending comms with everyone who's commented above and messaged me. So, I was not expecting that much traffic that quickly... glad I checked back!

  • LegallyFitLegallyFit Alum Member
    14 karma

    I am interested, I am struggling with LR and yet I love it, I want to conquer it. Thank you!

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    7902 karma

    Thanks for the responses everyone. Have responded to everyone above this post and anyone who messaged me up to now. Will be updating as necessary.

  • ZlawyeredZlawyered Monthly Member
    140 karma

    I am certainly interested! I am scoring in the 150's and would appreciate help with LR and RC.

  • gaia_fulchierimalta1gaia_fulchierimalta1 Alum Member
    251 karma

    i am interested

  • maddiecomaddieco Alum Member
    19 karma

    Hi there, I am struggling with flaw and inference questions as well as RC as a whole if you have any room.
    Thanks :)

  • nickdre8nickdre8 Monthly Member
    13 karma

    Hello, I am scoring in the high 150's to low 160's and am interested in your help! I'm sitting for the November Flex and would love any help/tips from you.

  • ineedbrunchineedbrunch Alum Member
    edited November 2020 92 karma

    I am taking the Nov test (first time), would like to break past 160 on the exam & can use all the help I can get! My weakness are LR questions. Highest thus far is 164, lowest 147, diagnostic 151. Taking my next PT tomorrow & will update!

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