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What to do after November?

sheridjwsheridjw Alum Member
in General 936 karma

For those who are taking November, are you going to take a break from studying until the score release, and then either be all done with the LSAT or start studying again for January? Or are you going to keep studying until the score release and then go from there?


  • Felipe A.Felipe A. Alum Member
    62 karma

    I'm going to continue studying. I am pretty sure I am going to take the January exam. The only exception will be if I do super well in November.

  • helmholtz99helmholtz99 Monthly Member
    71 karma

    I'm going hard til Jan

  • BeMoreChill99BeMoreChill99 Alum Member
    44 karma

    I'm definitely going hard until January. Maybe take a break during the weekend after the exam to reset and gather myself lol

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