147 to 179 - A 32 point increase, thank you 7sage!

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Thank you 7sage!

After more than two and a half years of studying, I scored a 179 on the November exam and I can finally put the LSAT to bed.

To give a little context, my LSAT journey began with a 147 diagnostic. I studied from a couple other sources, such as the PowerScore bibles, but got nowhere. After I found 7sage, completed the CC, and drilled weaknesses, I was about a year and a half into my LSAT prep and averaging in the mid-160s. I remained stuck at that plateau for months, unable to make any more progress no matter how much I drilled and blind-reviewed. Although LR still gave me some trouble, RC was what consistently kept me out of the 170s. At this point, I realized that there was something that I just wasn't getting, so I needed a tutor. I ended up working with @Sami who is an absolutely exceptional tutor, deserving of every bit of praise she gets on this forum and more. She showed me how I was approaching RC incorrectly, gave me advice for how to decide between two contender answer choices, worked with me on timing strategies, and so much more. I absolutely believe that without her tutelage I probably would still be fumbling around and only breaking into the 170s with luck. Thank you Sami!!

Once I was consistently hitting scores in the low 170s, I felt confident and signed up for the May LSAT-FLEX. During the RC section of that test, my connection to Proctor U was interrupted and I was kicked out of the test. I lost a lot of time, couldn't properly recover, and scored a 166. I was dejected, but I knew it was a fluke. So, I focused on preparing for the next FLEX administration.

During that test, everything seemed like it was going well at first, but once again something happened with Proctor U and my proctor could not see me. This resulted in the proctor calling me during the timed section. The connection was bad, so the call went dead. I called back, and we played phone tag for a bit. I ended up scoring a 167. At this point, I was angry at Proctor U and the entire LSAT-FLEX set up. I needed a break, so I did not even register for the August exam.

After registering for the October test, I began working in a study group with @DINOSAUR and @Christopherr both of whom are exceptionally talented, hard working, and insightful when working through questions. I took the October exam feeling much better, had no technical issues, and scored 171. I initially was going to call it a day after finally breaking the 170 barrier, but my study group encouraged me to give it one last go in November. To say that I am grateful I took their advice would be an understatement.

I am extremely grateful to the 7sage community at large and all the people who ever answered a question for me, posted helpful guides, or led free blind-reviews calls and tutoring sessions.

To that end, I will be working to put together my own guides in the near future for RC, since that is the section that I struggled with the most. If people are interested, I will make similar guides for other sections. Once I get the last of my applications out, I also intend to do some free group tutoring sessions to give back to the community in some small way. Feel free to let me know what type of thing that you feel would be most helpful below!

Thank you!

Group Tutoring Options
  1. What do you feel would be most helpful for you?116 votes
    1. BR calls going over a complete PT
    2. Sessions going over general section stretagy
    3. Sessions going over individual question types/timing


  • Chris NguyenChris Nguyen Alum Member Administrator Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    So so so so well deserved! Congratulations!!!!!

  • Confidence150Confidence150 Alum Member
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    Congratulations James!!! Best wishes.

  • PJThehehePJThehehe Core Member
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    This is amazing. Congrats!!!

  • noonawoonnoonawoon Alum Member
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    Omg what a journey. Congrats!!

  • cpeaks13cpeaks13 Core Member
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    Congrats!! I would. LOVE to hear your RC strategies!

  • -Jay.vee--Jay.vee- Member
    6 karma

    Congratulations! Also struggling a lot with RC, and would love any tips you have. Do you know the timeline for when you'll be releasing these? Thanks :)

  • LawrealtyLawrealty Core Member
    71 karma

    Tips on RC..would be great

  • Juliet - Student ServiceJuliet - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
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  • Hopeful9812Hopeful9812 Member
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  • LogicianLogician Alum Member Sage
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    Congrats dude! Amazing result and extremely well deserved!

  • Law and YodaLaw and Yoda Alum Member
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    So incredibly happy for you! You've added so much value by taking time to post thorough responses. I'm constantly scrolling in the explanation videos for your reply because they're so helpful. Congrats on this milestone!

  • Destined4GREATERDestined4GREATER Core Member
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    CONGRATS!!!! Truly inspiring!!

  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
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  • audeamus300audeamus300 Alum Member
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    Wow this is awesome!! Well deserved! You worked hard for it. Congrats!!

  • futureattnyfutureattny Core Member
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    Amazing!!! Great job, congratulations! 🎉

  • _iamnw96_iamnw96 Alum Member
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    Beyond awesome. What a story of perseverance and resilience !!!

  • GoVaCaMaDaAqNeGoVaCaMaDaAqNe Alum Member
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    ridiculous score , wow.....love it!

  • SamiSami Live Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    James!!! I am so proud of you <3. You absolutely deserve this score and all the credit goes to you. You put so much hard work into this. Congratulations!!!

  • Help2222Help2222 Member
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    Impossible achievement. You did it!

  • ddeng888ddeng888 Core Member
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    Is @Sami still taking on any new students? I have read so many good things about her! @jmarmaduke96

  • jmarmaduke96jmarmaduke96 Member Sage
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    Thank you all so much!

    It looks like BR calls of full PTs is winning the poll at this point, so ill soon make a post getting people to weigh in on what PT we should do.

    @J.vee180 I hope to have the first installment out in about a week or so!

    @"Law and Yoda" Thank you so much! You have been so helpful on the forums. Honestly I didn't know anyone read my ramblings under the explanation videos, I am glad they were helpful to someone! lol

    @ddeng888 I do not know if @Sami is taking on any new students at the moment. If she is, you would be extremely lucky to learn from her. She has mastered the LSAT in a way that I don't know anyone else has and can clearly spot, isolate, and fix problems in your approach.

  • mariaye0604mariaye0604 Alum Member
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    Congratulations!!! This is well deserved!! I'm a little over 1 year into this test as well. I plan to take the February Flex. I started with a 156 diagnostic, now I'm scoring between 168 - 174 on PTs and 172 - 176 on BRs. What's consistently dragging me down is also RC, which used to be my strong suit, I guess I improved a lot on LR and LG. I'd appreciate it so much if you have some guides on RC!

  • tejpat717tejpat717 Core Member
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    Congratulations! This is an amazing achievement.

  • samsationalsamsational Member
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    This is amazing! Congrats, I hope to learn from you some day. :smiley:

  • Less_CoffeeLess_Coffee Member
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    Thank you for sharing your story! So inspiring and a proof of the promise of hard work! I see myself in your story with RC being my Achilles tendon, study time, and score range, and you give me the strength to continue. I would love to be part of your tutoring group!

  • sabrshukrsabrshukr Core Member
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    Congrats!!! That is simply amazing.

  • BadReasoning2022BadReasoning2022 Alum Member
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    very encouraging!

  • chaplin___chaplin___ Alum Member
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    wow this is super encouraging! congratulations!!

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