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Winners of the 7Sage 7K Scholarship

David BusisDavid Busis Member Moderator

Hi everyone,

After poring over more than two hundred applications, we're proud to announce the winner and runners up of the 7Sage 7K scholarship. Every single applicant was deserving, but the seven ten we chose moved us deeply. We think the world will be a better place when they earn their law degrees.

The winner of the 7Sage 7K scholarship is Reo Hayashizaki. (Reo preferred that we use her full name instead of her username.)

The runners up (who preferred that we use their user names) are LexieLSAT, lady stardustt, Pomegranate, lmedr001, chipotlelover888, FJ15, jtweedle, lalvarez16, and one student who wished to remain completely anonymous.

Altogether, we are awarding $8,000, ten LSAT prep packages, and ten admissions consulting or editing packages. The students who had already purchased 7Sage packages received refunds.

To everyone who didn't win: thank you so much for your applications. We know this was a lot of work in a cruddy time, and we found the choice excruciating. All of you, without exception, will bring something unique and important to the legal profession. You rock.

We'll open applications for the 2021 7Sage 7k scholarship on August 1, and we encourage you to apply!


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