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Free tutor for people scoring in 150s-160s

hungryalpacahungryalpaca Member
edited March 2021 in General 27 karma

About me: I have studied the LSAT for just over a year, starting out in the low 150s to finally scoring 177 in the February test. It's been a tumultuous year with many ups and downs (including a 5-month 160s plateau, surviving pandemic NYC, studying while working full-time), and I have experimented with many study methods (took prep course, gone through most LSAT books on the market, worked with tutors). I've been lucky enough to receive a lot of help along the way and so I hope to give a little back (inspired by @vicxwwwww ✨✨).

DM me with (1) your current score and your target goal (2) a few key areas or topics that you want to focus on (be as specific as possible, see below!) (3) your preferred availability (4) target LSAT date, if available. I am currently based in NYC and am working full-time so scheduling might be limited. Sessions will likely be through zoom!


-- Didn't expect so many messages, so responses might be delayed. Will try my best to reply but no guarantees!
-- Updates were made to information to DM, stick with the info requested above
-- DM, don't comment (having a hard time keeping track)!
-- When messaging, try to be as specific as possible i.e. avoid "want to improve on LG/LR" and instead try "want to focus on most strongly supported questions"


  • AugustLSATAugustLSAT Alum Member
    92 karma

    Current score: 152
    Target Score: 165
    Topics of Focus: Logical Reasoning

  • ronald.maniece2ronald.maniece2 Core Member
    17 karma


    Currently scoring 151

    Target score 170

    Topics of Focus: Logical Reasoning

  • feistyhorsesfeistyhorses Core Member
    53 karma

    Going to DM you shortly!

  • murieldentesmurieldentes Member
    edited March 2021 64 karma


    Current score: 156
    Target: 171
    Topic of focus: RC

  • WhatslsatWhatslsat Member
    476 karma

    Current: 155
    Target 165+
    Focus LR, RC
    Please let me know! This will be so helpful!

  • Elsa2readsElsa2reads Core Member
    65 karma

    Am I too late?
    Current score 150
    Target score 160+
    Focus LR and RC
    I really need this, Please let me know.

  • hungryalpacahungryalpaca Member
    27 karma

    DM me! > @Elsa2reads said:

    Am I too late?
    Current score 150
    Target score 160+
    Focus LR and RC
    I really need this, Please let me know.

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