PT3.S2.Q24 - Anthropologist assert that cultures advance only..

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MSS - can someone help explain why D + E are incorrect and A is correct? I'm just missing something.Thanks in advance :)


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    Hi, so there's a couple issues with D & E, hopefully some points will resonate.
    D - from quick glance, 2 aspects are sticking out. First, do we know outsiders must be prevented? What if all that's necessary is that insiders need to not listen to outsiders. What if all that's needed is for insiders to take other steps, but not necessarily "prevent" outsiders. This statement is narrow. Additionally, we don't know if participation in efforts is the same as imposition. Impose is much more negative, and severe, while participation is rather broad.

    E - so in the stimulus it lays out independence being a critical thing. Does this mean the more of independence, the more progress? Not necessarily. Consider your favorite blend of coffee & creamer. The more creamer, is not always the case of being better cup of coffee. Similar in that sense, just because we know something helps progress, we don't know that more of it will improve progress by even more.

    Full disclaimer, I got to A through POE. With A though, you can see they don't make the participation to imposition gap. Also, it's taking the conditional statement in the stimulus and contraposing it. So, any imposition threatens independence and therefore progress would translate: Impose--> threaten independence --> threaten progress. So not threaten progress --> /impose

    Hope any of this helps!

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