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How can you tell if you did well?

ggjonesggjones Free Trial Member
in General 41 karma
I just got home after taking the lsat. After 4 months of preparation, the test is finally over. Thank God:) But i can't can't really tell if I did well. For some reason I am feeling very insecure. Is anyone having the same feeling?


  • GSTARE25GSTARE25 Alum Member
    14 karma
    Me too. Surprisingly I finished 3 sections before the time was up which has never happened to me before during my prep tests. Definitely bombed LG. You never know though. lol the hardest part seems to be waiting for these scores..
  • Dr. YamataDr. Yamata Member Inactive ⭐
    578 karma
    I think an amount of insecurity is normal. But if you're like me, you could tell that you weren't sure of your answers and guessing like 20% of the time. That ALWAYS lead to bad PT scores. I'm not hopeful that my score will be what I wanted.
  • ggjonesggjones Free Trial Member
    41 karma
    Thanks for replying. Good luck to you all. If and only if necessary:) i will take it again in October.
  • hrjones44hrjones44 Alum Member
    323 karma
    i was able to focus and relax decently so i'm crossing my fingers on this one!
  • jdawg113jdawg113 Alum Inactive ⭐
    2654 karma
    you look at your score in a few weeks :P lol really unless you are a 175+ scorer its hard to really know how you did. imo anyways. if in your practice tests you were able to figure out how you did and what was wrong b4 looking at everything then u can figure it out otherwise.... wait
  • 7sagelsatstudent1807sagelsatstudent180 Alum Member
    932 karma
    I finished 3 sections 8 minutes early which surprised me but LG was brutal... My mind wouldn't let me grasp two of the games... So frustrating because the rest of the test felt easy.... Well I guess I will start fool proofing now with 10 pages like JY says. Who knows, I may have hit 170 if it hadn't been for LG. I canceled so I guess I will never no for sure.
  • amanda_kwamanda_kw Alum Member
    edited June 2015 383 karma
    You probably did about average your past three test scores plus/minus three points. That is especially true if you don't feel like you F'd up majorly.

    Now onto the waiting....

    * A good method that I found while searching around the web asking this question is to think about how each section went / and how well you normally do on a good vs bad day. SO for me LG went meh. Probably a -4 on a bad day / -2 on a good day. Do this with all sections and you will end up with your score range - then you can compare that to past curves and see generally what you'd get.
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