LSAT Score - Does it Stick?

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The only two schools I have my sights set on (both top 30 schools) are waiting for this score to possibly admit me for the next academic year. Although I knew going into the LSAT (this first time 'round) I wasn't going to blow things out the water, I was determined to keep my rhythm and morale up never the less. After starting out slow I made some traction and felt things might go my way -that is until the Games section knocked the wind out of me! For the life of me I don't know what happened? Although I had done games daily and even enjoyed myself most the time, I felt as if this were the very first time I had ever come across any game. Long story short... I'd be surprised if I even got 5 right within that section. My gut tells me (that at best) my results will be in the lower 150's; therefore, I am debating canceling my score. Even though I'd love to start school next year, I just can't see how that's likely with a B average GPA and a 150'ish score -especially so late in the year.

The question I'm putting forward (to you guys n' gals) is do law schools take your most recent attempt or do they average it out? I really would like to have your wealth of knowledge on this as I have to make a decision within the 6 day time frame to nullify the score -BTW, is that 6 business days or just days of the week?

Personally, I believe a non-scored test still looks a whole lot better than a low score, but I really am open and looking forward to your opinions on this. Thanks for hearing me out and taking your precious time to respond.


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    Are you saying you did bad on the entire LG section or just that tricky game?
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    I froze up, panicked, and blew the whole section -funny thing was I went in looking forward to it!
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    That's a pretty accurate way of describing my LG experience.. Almost verbatim. But there are a few points to make note of: (And I'm going to keep this very general.. whether it applies to this particular test is really neither here nor there and is up to you to infer)

    -Acceptable situation questions are almost guaranteed if you use the method you've been practicing.
    -If you did at least some completed gameboards for the games you probably got at least one or two correct and based off those inferences could make an educated guess on the other questions (provided you didn't run out of time and just shotgun bubble)
    -Games do not all have the same amount of questions, so even if you feel like a harder game was a wash, it still may not be as much of an overall penalty if you feel like you understood an easier game with more questions.

    Long story short.. yeah. Since we had that unsure queasy feeling about the section, there's a good chance it didn't go that well. But it might not be quite as bad as we think.
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    They only have to report highest for their stats. I read a lot of people saying that it may make them look bad as a candidate, I think we may be giving these schools too much credit. I don't think we are being accepted and rejected based on our total picture as a candidate (oh he got a 155, he is not going to be able to successfully complete this program). While the LSAT is supposed to be an indication of how well you will do your first year of law school, I don't think that's the real concern of the people who are reviewing applications. They want high ranking. High LSAT, high gpa, high ranking. Criminal past? We can forgive, low LSAT? Hmmm not sure if you are "qualified". Doesn't really make sense. Especially on a test that is learned. If an LSAT was really a good indication of how well you will perform first year, how can one of my scores be 153 and the other 169. Am I qualified or not? I was just reading a post from someone who was accepted to a top 7school, with a recent dui, admitted to the school that he has an alcohol problem but will seek treatment (hasn't yet), then just got arrested again for something unrelated I think. Now the school is saying they need to review (not that he can't go, they just need to look at it). I'm not saying he is not a worthy candidate, but if law schools were so concerned with whether or not a student will be successful in school, maybe they wouldn't accept someone into a very stressful program without making sure they were getting the help they needed for an admitted problem. Seems like he had amazing stats and they were willing to overlook a small issue to be able to use his numbers. So, I got off on a rant, but I don't think anyone will care about a bad as long as you have a good.
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    Thanks everyone, I need to let this marinate 'till Friday then make a decision.
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    By any chance could the LG have been the experimental section?
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    From reading your post, no, sounds like you are referring to a later games section that would have been real. If you had 2 lg and 1 was in section 1 then that one was experimental.
  • ggjonesggjones Free Trial Member
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    Oh no, really? My first and third sections were LG . Are you saying that the first LG sections was experimental? How can you tell? I was really hoping it was the third.
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    Based off of all the forums I've read here, Reddit and TLS, I think everyone's first section was experimental. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    I obsessively read the TLS thread on it trying to figure out which of my LR was. If you are thinking your 1st lg went great and the 3rd lg didn't, you are in the same boat as everyone else.
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    yeah it was the first LG for those of us who had two
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    The acceptance of LSAT really depends on a particular schools you want to apply to. There are schools that average the LSAT out and there are schools that accept the best score. Also there are some schools that have accepted people with low LSATs on the basis of other things, and there are those that have a score below which they will not accept anyone. So, what it basically comes down to is that you need to research your schools.
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    Thanks everyone for your input -FYI, I had 1LG section. By the way, it's six calendar days time to ask for non scoring the test.
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    Any one know if (after it's scored) you can get back the test booklet for this June LSAT?
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