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What happens if I test again in October and get a lower score?

jaxsonrolfe83jaxsonrolfe83 Alum Member
in General 17 karma

I took the August LSAT at scored a 165. My average PT was around a 167/168, so I feel a little let down because I know that I can do better. After august, I have continued to study and have been doing even better, with most of my PT scores being 170+. If I take the test in October and somehow to worse than I did in the August, how does that work? Will schools still look at my highest score? Or will they just see that my score went down and hold that against me?


  • cpeaks13cpeaks13 Monthly Member
    495 karma

    I am wondering the same. Can you only cancel if it's your first time taking it?

  • WinningHereWinningHere Alum Member
    edited September 2021 417 karma

    @cpeaks13 LSAC has a first-timer take score preview option at a nominal cost to be able to see your score and before having the option to cancel it.

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    8139 karma

    They will see every score, and most schools will say they "consider" them all, but it is largely in an admissions office's interests to treat you as your highest score.

  • lazarus7lazarus7 Alum Member
    207 karma

    They only care about your highest score. They see them all but only as part of the process. Keeping pushing. It's about the journey, not the destination. 165 is still above average. Do not over think it. Do it because you WANT to not because you MUST. Let the numbers fall where they may. If you know that you can do better, then take it again. Life is to short for "what ifs."

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