PT89.S4.Q10 - Jumping Spider

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I'm frustrated that B was the correct answer

We have to create an assumption that if something makes an appearance, then it strongly helps

That's like saying if I live in miami, and cancer goes down then my psychic power claims are strengthened

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    I know you may be joking, but remember this is a Strengthen question, not a Sufficient Assumption question. The correct answer doesn't need to prove the conclusion, just help it more than any of the other AC's.
    In this specific question the other AC's are utterly useless to the conclusion, and, if its true that there was a significant increase in the population of these plants after introduction of these spiders, the correct AC would be a little bit more evidence in its favor. Not a lot, but certainly some.
    Oddly enough, your "parallel reasoning" actually does, as ridiculous as it sounds, technically strenghthen your argument. "My phsychic powers reduced cancer in Miami" would be strengthened (veeeeerry slightly) by a premise "the reduction happened after I moved to Miami." This is not now a good argument, just slightly better than it was before, because you've confirmed one of the necessary assumptions to your conclusion.

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    Thank you!

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