Are We Allowed to use the "F-Command/Control" function during the online LSAT?

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I was always curious cause I heard differing answers on this. But during the online lsat, are we allowed to use the finder function during the actual test? Or will we be penalized for it? I usually use it during reading comp sections to look for a specific word in the passage.


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    Yes you're allowed.

  • k_bains11k_bains11 Member
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    Yes, I took the LSAT flex in August and was able to use control f

  • 7Sage Tutors7Sage Tutors Yearly + Live Sage
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    You are indeed! Certainly can be helpful on RC!

  • I emailed LSAC about a month ago about it, this was their response:
    Thank you for writing. This is to confirm the CTRL + F (Find) functions is permitted while taking the LSAT.

  • nthnmlcdmnthnmlcdm Member
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    Thank you all so much for the swift response!

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