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November Already Sucks

luckysat1luckysat1 Member
in General 167 karma

Logged into ProctorU to schedule the November test. Only available slots for any of the days appear to be before...8am eastern time.

Great, so now I have to ask my entire household to get up early on a Sunday and get out of the house before 7:50am (which already sucks because I always PT better later in the day and wanted to take the test early afternoon) all because of this awesome examination system we all pay out the butt to enjoy.

I know, I know, I assume the November test is more subscribed than the others due to admission cycles. But, holy crap! I'd understand if I'd left it late but, dude, the scheduling only opened checks calendar today?? I got the email reminder at lunchtime while I was at work. God only knows what scheduling options there would be left for someone who had the audacity to wait a couple days...

Ah it's whatever but after the sheer nightmare of October's exam, this leaves a really sh*tty taste.


  • lazarus7lazarus7 Alum Member
    207 karma

    Same here. All slots from 6 am - 12 pm were taken. It was either between 5:30 am or 12:10 pm. I am already somewhat burned out in the afternoon and on the decline (I naturally wake up at 4 am) so opted for 5:30 am. I am much fresher then at least. Just have to go to sleep and wake up a little earlier, that's all. I recommend using the $125 hotel room reimbursement that LSAC offers to avoid distractions or family disturbances. Everything happens for a reason. Trust in the process. Trust in yourself. There is always a silver lining. Stay positive and keep the perspective on your terms. Your test performance will benefit from this outlook.

  • jjmet888jjmet888 Core Member
    edited October 2021 6 karma

    Highly recommend checking periodically to see if more slots have opened up! I initially had a 7:50 start time on Sunday, just moved it to 1:15

  • jayssn98jayssn98 Member
    34 karma

    just did mine and there were a lot of slots open for the 13th! try checking again

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