PT92.S1.Q16 - Why can this not be answer choice B?

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Im a little confused regarding this question. wouldn't B be a more accurate answer because the park ranger is saying people shouldn't get tickets for laws they don't know since they haven't don't a good job making the law known to the public? but after they do a better job making people aware of the new regulations they can start giving tickets?

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    Which question?

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    Assuming you mean PT92.S1.Q16? If yes, then this is a PSA question, so the answer needs to prove the conclusion.
    You're making a bunch of assumptions above - is it really implied that people shouldn't be getting tickets? No, that is the conclusion of the argument that we need to prove. AC A gives us this important link.
    Without AC A proving that people shouldn't be fined for laws they aren't aware of, what is the point of widely publicizing the new regulation (AC B )? Good faith, I guess? But it isn't necessary - it is still a law, and people are still violating it. Them not knowing about it is their problem. AC A gives a direct principle that says "hold on, no, we shouldn't be giving fines to people for laws that they don't know about."
    Maybe its bad department administration, but it certainly proves the conclusion.
    AC B is basically a restatement of the "until we have made a real effort...." premise, but it doesn't really touch the conclusion.
    I see your point, and this is tricky so hopefully this helps. Let me know if you need clarification.

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