PT01.S3.13 - "Pitbull" main point question

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Where Can I get an explanation for this question?

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    This is PT01.S3.13, right?

    I don't know if 7sage allows me to link outside info, but you can search the PowerScore forums for that question to get a full explanation.

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    @maxjab00 Yes, you can provide links.

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    The stimulus opens with a comparison between the term "pit bull" versus "GS" and "poodle," the key difference being that while latter terms are labels for a specific breed of dog, the term "pit bull" is a label indicating what the dog's function is, aka like "Seeing-eye dog" and "police dog." I think E is the most difficult answer to eliminate and it is incorrect because that is not what the stimulus is saying. It's not that breeds of dog cannot be distinguished from other breeds of dog from appearance alone (I think most, if not all, people can see the difference between a GSD versus a poodle), the point is that you cannot distinguish a dog's function based on appearance alone and the argument provides an example in that last sentence: two GSD dogs are within the same breed but can have totally different functions.

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    Does anyone know I can access explanation videos from prep tests I created? I selected my own practice questions specifically for the Main conclusion/ main point questions. Every time I go to view existing prep tests that I created, it doesn't show me the explanation button only the "Discuss" button which links to this forum. Any ideas anyone?

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    This is the problems sets I am created for main point and conclusion questions. I cant find explanations for the answers.

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    Hi there,

    Sorry about that. We haven’t gotten around to making the explanation videos for some sections in the older PrepTests (PrepTests 1-16).

    We currently have Explanation Videos for nearly every question in every PrepTest:

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