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prep test advice?

ebcline5ebcline5 Alum Member
in General 10 karma

when I take prep tests, should I be taking it as flex with 3 sections or with 4 because in the real test it will have the unscored 4th section? I know I'm only scored by 3 on the real so I don't want to inflate my score if the 4th preptest section helps me, but also want to build stamina by taking 4 sections


  • lakersgirl24lakersgirl24 Alum Member
    edited January 2022 66 karma

    Definitely 4 to build your stamina. Imo, I don't think PT'ing 3 sections will be beneficial - unless you need to ease into taking longer tests. In that case, I would first suggest doing single timed sections before you get into PT'ing at all.

    For the test, you have to be able to do 4 sections and you won't know which section is the experimental, so you have to give every section your all.

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