PT25.S1.Q22 (P4) - Summarizing the Passage

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I hovered between (C) and (D) but ultimately chose (C) because I felt that (D)'s use of the word "misrepresent" was incorrect - it seems that the organicists don't misrepresent traditional analytical methods, so much as they simply don't understand them. Misrepresentation carries the weight of intentionality, which is forfeited when it's revealed that someone is simply ignorant.

Other than that, the answers strike me as very similar - would love to understand why (D) is right!


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    I definitely agree that misrepresentation is associated with intention, but the basic dictionary definition characterizes it as "giving a false or misleading representation... usually with an intent to deceive..." It's still an astute observation though, because a lot of main point questions require you to choose the answer that not only summarizes the information in the passage, but is accurate to what the passage actually does. I think that if the LSAT wanted to make it a more clearly questionable answer choice, they would've used more direct language: "organicists intentionally misrepresent the analytic method."

    The biggest reason why D is a better answer choice is that it more fully encapsulates the meaning of the passage. C focuses on the theory of internal relations (paragraphs 3 and 4) and its consequences, but mentions nothing of the last paragraph discussing how organicists are working with a flawed understanding of the analytic method. D is able to touch upon internal relations (faulty theory) and misunderstanding the analytic method. Additionally, D offers a better account of the passage's conclusion; organicism is not only flawed, but offers no real challenge to the analytic method (last sentence of the passage).

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    Btw I love the profile pic - IT STINKS!

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    You can unintentionally misrepresent something

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