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Finished LSAT Journey..... Law school in Sep 2022!

ledkarlyledkarly Member
edited February 2022 in General 483 karma

I can't believe I am writing this today.

I began my LSAT journey in May 2021. I had a diagnostic of 140. After months, and months of studying, I took the LSAT in October. I was PT around 158-159, but the server crashed the day of my exam, so I was had to write it a week later. Burnt out, I wrote the LSAT - I honestly can't remember it. I got a 153. I was devastated. I took it again in November... I got a 158. I knew I could do better. I wrote it in Jan and got a 160! I was happy!! I wasn't sure if it would be enough to get in to law school because I had a lower GPA... but this morning I got my first acceptance!!!

I am thrilled and so so happy. I am so incredibly proud of myself and cannot wait to see what the future holds. I am the first in my immigrant family to get a J.D. so to say that my whole family is thrilled is an understatement!!

To those who think they cant do it... just know... YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE!


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