Finally can say goodbye to 7sage 151->172

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I am a non-native speaker. But I did it. I have done all the PT 50-92 3 times in the past 9 months! Drilled all the Questions from PT 1-45.


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    You took every single test as in 50-92 (42 tests) 3 times? So you took a total of 126 practice tests?

  • @iHateTheLSAT Yeah, although I didn't count but I think you are right. =,=
    After all, this is not my language so I have to try really hard.

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    I'm a non-native speaker as well! This is damn inspiring, congrats!

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    Absolutely inspiring. I have the same exact goal of going through every single question. Thank you for sharing!

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    omg that's amazing! i'm also a non-native speaker and my diagnostic score is the same as yours! do you mind sharing your study methods? did you start doing pts right away? all ive been doing is 7sage and idk if i should be doing more!

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    Go, all nonnative speakers !

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    I bet your English has become flawless in the process. This is awesome.

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    That's dedication. How long did it take you?

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    Any advice on how you got there would be appreciated! VERY inspiring considering you are a non-native speaker. Goes to show hard work DOES get you there. But i'd also like directions :D

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    Congratulations to you! Very inspiring

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    Woohoo!! Amazing dedication and well deserved. Enjoy celebrating!

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    Thanks for the info. Good luck!

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    How much time did you spend reviewing your tests? I’m not sure what the best ratio is for test taking vs. reviewing, would appreciate your input!!

  • @jome1234 At first I spent a lot time to review my tests, when i was scoring 160-165. Review means both blind review and review the wrong answers after a while.(10-20 days)I think it really helped.

    Then I started to consistently score above 165+,at that time, I have basic ideas about my weak/strong part of this test. I started to drill my weak part, such as NA/SA type questions, Strengthen/Weaken type. I pulled out all the questions from the PT that I have done+from PT 1-35(depends on your time), timed practice->blind review->review all the wrong questions->redo all the wrong/uncertain question..... keep this cycle until you feel confident of this type of question.

    Then restart your PT, blind review, review the wrong/uncertain questions/redo all the wrong/uncertain after a while.

    In the early stage of my PT(155-165), I spent about 40% time reviewing. In the final stage of my PT, I spent about 20%-30% time reviewing.

  • @frozensnowflakes
    I just went over with 7sage course before I started to PT. But because of my personality and my learning way, I jumped lots of content. Basically, I only cover 10% of the course content that I wish to read. Then I started my PT right away.
    After a while, I realized my understanding for some basic concept was not solid. So I went back to the basic course and rewatched some of the stuffs I felt needed.

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    Congratulations! We are so happy that we are part of your LSAT journey :)

  • SSomeone asked me about how to improve the RC.
    The fastest way to improve reading is to redo pt 1-50's RC, which you haven't done before. Be sure to time yourself when you practice. Although PT 1-50 is old LSAT, they are real content and written in the same "crazy" way as the current LSAT.

    My RC was my worst part for a long time. There was a time when I could only get -3 in LR and -0 in LG, but I easily got -12 in RC. Then, I pulled all the old RC from 1-50 out, redo all of them, again and again. I might have redo some passage three times or four times, but it doesn't matter. Even if you remember the passage, you can still improve when you practice next time. After a while, I noticed that I have a much better grasp for the transition/main ideas/attitude of RC passages. Then my RC started to improve from -10, then -8, then -5, then -4....(there were some up and down, but I did notice the improvement)

    I understand the struggles of non-native speakers. There are much-nuanced meanings in the passages. All we need to do is practice and practice.

    Loophole for my LR?
    Oh yes, for sure. I pulled all the wrong/uncertain LR questions redo all of them many times. After three days, after 3 week, second time, after two months the thrid time...(It is not necessarily this time interval, I mean keeps going back and redoing the wrong questions)

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    I'm also a nonnative speaker. This is really inspiring! Congrats!

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    Thank you so much for sharing and congrats 172 is a dream come true even with English as first language! I now know as I prepare for March I should focus time taking tests and reviewing.

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    Thanks for sharing with us. This is a huge accomplishment and it is to be admired. Way to go!

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    Very inspiring, thank you for sharing. English is also my second language so happy to hear I'm not alone and its doable cause my target is also 170+!! Good luck everyone

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    Huge accomplishment! A 172 for an English speaker is a feat in itself, this is truly inspiring!

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    Thank you for your details of your drilling. You've boosted my confidence quite a lot. While I saw the similar improvement pattern as in your talk, but I'm always worried that my RC's improvement comes from redoing. Thank you soooo much! It's a great relief to know that I'm on the right track.

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