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April/June study group

Looking to start a study group for the April and June tests. Currently plan on taking both.

Down to create a discord. Feeling fairly confident on LR and somewhat confident on LG but definitely need to focus on RC…

Shoot me a message or comment below if interested!

(Making another one of these because the few I commented on OP never reached out)


  • evelyn123evelyn123 Core Member
    11 karma

    I will take in June, please invite me

    14 karma

    I would like to join as well - taking in June

  • 30 karma

    I’ve sent discord links out to the three people who’ve requested.

    I’m thinking around 10 people is a decent size for a study group. Please comment/message me if you’re interested and I’ll send the link

  • giuliacaracciologiuliacaracciolo Core Member
    4 karma

    Planning for June-add me please!

  • domballa24domballa24 Core Member
    27 karma

    RC is my worst section by far. Logic games is my best, and LR right in the middle. Def interested.

  • I would like to join!

  • AryanSingh-1AryanSingh-1 Member
    342 karma

    me too. Please invite. Taking in April

  • jinfan102jinfan102 Member
    34 karma

    Would love to join. I need to work on my RC.

  • 30 karma

    Sent invites to all who’ve commented/messaged me.

    Join discord and introduce yourself/let everyone know what times work for you so we can get the ball rolling :)

  • 30 karma

    We still have space for five people. Please comment and message me if interested

  • LSAT_NewbLSAT_Newb Alum Member
    96 karma

    Great initiative here!

    I'm interested in joining as well. Average test score is a 171, with a target score of 174 for the April test. Please DM me when you have a chance.

  • mitty180mitty180 Member
    13 karma

    I'm interested! I plan on writing in June and RC is the section that I need to focus more on as well.

  • LSitsatsutLSitsatsut Core Member
    6 karma


  • 30 karma

    Sent out invites! Please come in and leave a comment and let the group know your availability. It’s looking like Thursdays and Sundays are currently days which work best for everyone

  • chimbolitadchimbolitad Alum Member
    26 karma

    I am also planning to take both of those test. Please add me to the group.

  • yangjinge2002yangjinge2002 Free Trial Member
    3 karma

    I am taking the June test. Count me in plz!

  • Sara LindSara Lind Yearly Member
    3 karma

    I plan to take it in June. Please add me!

  • zzzscorezzzscore Member
    56 karma

    I'm taking it in April & June please add

  • sashasamraa-1-1-1-1sashasamraa-1-1-1-1 Alum Member
    30 karma

    Hi, I am taking it in June please add me.

  • stone.dixonstone.dixon Yearly Member
    6 karma

    would love to join as well! Please add me too

  • lisandra3008lisandra3008 Member
    3 karma

    Would like to join, Please add me too!

  • 30 karma

    Invites sent out to everyone who requested one! Please, come comment, introduce yourself, and let us know your availability so we can coordinate a weekly study period. Thanks

  • tinacioust-1tinacioust-1 Live Member
    edited March 2022 117 karma

    Hi, is this still open? I'd like to hop on. I'm fairly confident in RC, but need some work on LG/LR.

  • YayasezzYayasezz Core Member
    54 karma

    Yes, I am interested! I will be taking the June exam

  • annazhu1108annazhu1108 Core Member
    2 karma

    Hi I'm interested! Planning on taking the June exam too

  • raelawsaraelawsa Alum Member
    9 karma

    Would love to join as well!

  • theregimetheregime Member
    8 karma

    Hey! I'm interested in joining--will be taking the June LSAT.

  • Arete_SouthbayArete_Southbay Core Member
    324 karma

    Hello, please consider adding me the group.

  • 30 karma

    Sent invites to everyone who’s commented! Please come and introduce yourself

  • 16 karma

    hi i am interested. taking April and June as well

  • buiejacqueline-1buiejacqueline-1 Alum Member
    5 karma

    Hi I am interested! I am taking the exam in June

  • 6 karma

    Interested! I am taking the exam in June!

  • yascha04yascha04 Member
    73 karma

    I am interested as well ! If there is still room. Writing in June and also need to focus on RC!

  • kareenasidhukareenasidhu Member
    13 karma

    I am interested! I plan on taking the June test! Thank you!!

  • I am interested and I plan on take the June test!

  • Evogue__Evogue__ Core Member
    36 karma

    I am going to take mine in June, and I am interested :) Thanks!

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