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Study group/ friends taking January LSAT



  • redpestopastaredpestopasta Member
    13 karma

    Can I join too? I'm taking November LSAT but I might take Jan if my score isn't high

  • britneptyler-1britneptyler-1 Free Trial Member
    edited November 2022 2 karma

    I’m taking the January LSAT so I’d love to join if you guys still have room.

  • lucyKoalala-1-1-1-1lucyKoalala-1-1-1-1 Core Member
    3 karma

    I'm interested too. Let me join.

  • funkytowelsfunkytowels Alum Member
    18 karma

    I'm interested and am taking the January LSAT!

  • sophiacastrosophiacastro Alum Member
    81 karma

    Planning on taking January lsat! Count me in!

  • Interested. Count me in!

  • dawnmcneilb12dawnmcneilb12 Core Member
    3 karma

    Taking the LSAT in Jan would love to group study

  • shelby1997-1shelby1997-1 Core Member
    4 karma

    I would love to be part of this group if there is still room! I'm taking the January LSAT too

  • n_o_lsatn_o_lsat Core Member
    105 karma

    I would love to be part of this group as well !!!!

  • torreawilliamstorreawilliams Free Trial Member
    3 karma

    I would love to join as well!

  • tnmooretnmoore Member
    5 karma

    Please let me know about it :) I took October LSAT and am retaking in January

  • sunpreetgill73-1-1sunpreetgill73-1-1 Alum Member
    46 karma

    im interested

  • JShepherdJShepherd Core Member
    73 karma

    Enrolled for January lsat. Count me in. @claudia_dussault-1-1 can I get the link please?

  • channingmanske5channingmanske5 Core Member
    4 karma

    I am interested!!

  • I am taking the Jan LSAT. I would love to join

  • Count me in!! I need the jan lsat to go well :/

  • nadian00rnadian00r Core Member
    69 karma

    I'd love to join!

  • bethlehem_3bethlehem_3 Member
    6 karma

    I am taking Jan LSAT and would love to join a study group! Count me in!

  • I am also planning to take the Jan LSAT count me in too.

  • valentina.soares-1valentina.soares-1 Alum Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    194 karma

    Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone here know that we have another Study Group Break Out session coming up! It will be on Monday, December 5th from 9:00-10:30pm ET. We put you in groups with other people scoring in the same range as you so you can all work together to prepare for test day early next year! Here's what you need to do if you're interested:

    1. Register for the Breakout no later than this Sunday, December 4th.
    2. Take PT53 Section 1 (based on 7Sage's numbering - should be an LR section) and blind review it, but DON'T look at the answers (I suggest you take it as a "Drill" rather than as a PrepTest)!
    3. Log in to the Breakout Session at the appointed time. We will automatically place you in a group of 3-5 students with similar scores so you can review the section together.
    4. At the end of the session, you can exchange emails and keep meeting if you enjoyed the group.

    Hope to see you there! Register for the event using this link:

  • BuBbLeSs-1BuBbLeSs-1 Yearly + Live Member
    11 karma

    Hey there! Super interested! not sure if im set on Jan or Feb yet.

  • n_o_lsatn_o_lsat Core Member
    105 karma

    @"Valentina Soares"
    Quick question: how will you automatically place people in groups with others scoring similar if perhaps we don't take PT's on 7sage and don't have an accurate depiction of our score?
    Thank you!

  • valentina.soares-1valentina.soares-1 Alum Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    194 karma

    Hey @norianaodisho13 ! We take any information on your 7Sage account to pair you with others. However, if you don’t have any information in your 7Sage account, you’ll still be paired with people who can help you improve your studying!

  • n_o_lsatn_o_lsat Core Member
    105 karma

    @"Valentina Soares" Perfect! Because as of right now, I only have my diagnostic score on my 7Sage account and would like to be paired with people scoring similar to my improved score.

  • 7 karma

    I’d like to be in the group chat too please!

  • JShepherdJShepherd Core Member
    73 karma

    @"Valentina Soares" Can you clarify please: will the study group breakouts allow for participants to utilize outside PT scores to adjust their PT scores utilized in determining the groups to which they're assigned? Or will you be grouped with similar PT scoring participants, regardless of any other outside PT scores achieved?

  • ts3514ts3514 Member
    39 karma

    I'm also taking Jan LSAT!

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