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158 -->172

This is my score progress since I started 7sage. My struggle has been almost entirely with the logic games. I have a Ph.D. in the humanities with a strong philosophy background and I adapted to reading comprehension and logical reasoning fairly easily. I had to study but I can get -1 or -2 on LR and consistently get -0 on RC. Logic games, on the other hand, has been my bête noire. I started out taking half an hour to get an easy game right. Sometimes I spent 40 min on a medium game. I spent hundreds of hours struggling to improve on this section and tried book after book to no avail. This prep course got me to a -6 to -9 range. I started getting maybe 5 points max on this section. The games were hard for me because they are like nothing I have had to do in my academic journey. They are made up for this test and they are a skill that dies with this test, as far as I'm concerned. I want to give everyone this message that if you suck at one section, you can still get an amazing score bringing yourself to mediocrity or a little over mediocrity on that section even if it takes you hundreds of hours to go from being terrible to mediocre on that section. Strengthen your good sections and power through the bad ones. You can still potentially get a 170 or higher even if you are bombing one section.


  • odeliaodeliaodeliaodelia Live Member
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    Thank you for sharing! LG is the one section that I struggle with.

  • HizekielHizekiel Live Member
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    I wish I had the opposite. I am good at LG and decent at LR but RC is killing me!

  • NeverGuiltyNeverGuilty Member
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    I wouldn't really say LG are a skill that dies with this test. Certainly you won't do a double layered sequencing game with a twist in your academic life, probably. But the problem solving skills and cognitive methodologies employed in the process are absolutely transferrable skills.

  • BrownieDoll-0307BrownieDoll-0307 Live Member
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    If you need help on Logic Games, I know someone that can help you. He scored a 179 on his LSAT's recently and now just got accepted to Yale. I knew nothing about logic games and he has taught me a lot! Just let me know. Blessings to you!

  • Chief-MKChief-MK Core Member
    edited December 2022 15 karma

    Congrats on your achievements. I am surprised with your philosophy background LG is your biggest struggle. I was a Phil student in college and LG is very similar to the logic classes I took. I would even go a step further and say it's easier. Also, I think 7 sage is best in helping with LG - better than any book that I've used. Also, I think it is accurate to state that if you were to get everything wrong in LG and get everything right in every other section, you'll have around a 158 score.

  • Reasoning in a verbal format is a totally different skill set than what is required for LG. Manipulating symbols and picturing puzzles in a visual format is entirely different from arguing using language. You can be quite brilliant at writing arguments and totally incapable of doing these puzzles.

  • malbarazimalbarazi Yearly Member
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    I'd love to ask if you can help me with harder RC/ LR sections!

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