Yield Protecton?

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Has anyone else this application cycle got rejected from a school they thought they'd get into? I was just rejected from a school today where my LSAT is at the 75th percentile. I'm not sure if this was an example of yield protection or not. It certainly wasn't my first choice but not my last either. I hope I wasn't rejected just because they thought I wouldn't attend.


  • Jonathan WangJonathan Wang Yearly Sage
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    It's tough to know when you've been YPed so this is all obviously conjecture, but typically YP only occurs when your numbers are way way above what the school expects to admit. Being at the 75th percentile doesn't seem like it would fit the bill, as a full 25% of their previous year's class had a better LSAT. So my initial suspicion would be a 'legit' rejection, possibly due to either GPA or other application materials.

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