PT8.S4.Q16 - Consumer advocate: Under the current absence of...

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I would like to see a video breakdown of this question
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  • Paula --Student Service--Paula --Student Service-- Member Administrator Student Services
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    Hi @agorr008 , sorry, we do not have Explanation Videos for LR questions PrepTests 1-16. We currently have Explanation Videos for nearly every question in every PrepTest:

    • Logical Reasoning: PrepTests 17 - 93
    • Logic Games: every PrepTest ever published
    • Reading Comprehension: PrepTests 1 - 93

    For the questions that do not have an Explanation Video, you can search for any past discussion relating to that question on the Discussion Forum. You can search for any past PrepTest discussion, by typing in the PrepTest number, section number, and question number in the search box in the following format: PT#.S#.Q#.

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