A letter to the non-believers

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149 -> 159. Thank you 7Sage.

I grew up in a broken home that reeked of alcoholism and abuse. I continued to struggle with my mental health once I began university. I did so poorly my first year I thought my law school dreams were over. With the help of my friends and a therapist, I bounced back and graduated university with a somewhat decent GPA and a small glimmer of hope knowing that the LSAT could be my one chance. I began my 7Sage journey in August of 2021 and dedicated 8 months of my life to studying. I scored a 149. After 8 months of vigorous studying and promising PTs. "Devastated" doesn't even begin to describe how I felt. I already had such low self-esteem so this put me into a hole, for lack of better words.

A couple months and lots of therapy sessions later, I began again. This time I told myself I can do this and that I deserve this. I took even more practice tests, hyping myself up before each one even though I didn't truly believe what I was telling myself. I then sat for the April LSAT.

When I saw that 159 this past Wednesday I began uncontrollably sobbing. I know it isn't a T-14 score or even an insanely high score, but it means everything to me knowing that I did that.

7Sage is an incredible studying tool. However, sometimes what you need the most is confidence in your abilities. If you're reading this, I know you're studying hard and putting everything into this. That's why you signed up for 7Sage! The fact that you've chosen this difficult path shows your resilience and determination. Whatever it is you do, please believe in yourself and do not give up. It may take time but my god, the feeling of knowing that you finally did it is worth every struggle and tear shed.

Best of luck to everyone, I cannot wait to see and hear about your LSAT journeys and what you do in this world!


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    Congrats on your score !! Very happy for you !

  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
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    This is beautiful, thank you for sharing. Congratulations my friend and good luck to you!

  • JDream2023JDream2023 Core Member
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    This is so well written and came to me at the right time. You’re an inspiration. Very proud of you! Congrats!

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    I needed to hear this, my diagnostic was a 149 and I've been feeling helpless. Thank you for your inspiring words!

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