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dahlnora02dahlnora02 Core Member
edited May 19 in Logical Reasoning 5 karma

I am unable to access the video explanation for PrepTest February 1997 - Section 3 - Question 16


  • Paula --Student Service--Paula --Student Service-- Member Administrator Student Services
    edited May 19 848 karma

    Hi @dahlnora02, sorry about that! We have video explanations for the Logic Game section of PrepTest February 1997, but I’m afraid we don’t have video explanations for Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension sections of this PrepTest.
    You can find the LG video explanations for this PrepTest starting on this page:
    To clarify, we have explanation videos for all questions in every PrepTest section as follows:

    • Logical Reasoning: PrepTests 17 - 93
    • Logic Games: every PrepTest ever published
    • Reading Comprehension: PrepTests 1 - 93

    For the questions that do not have an Explanation Video, you can search for any past question discussion on the Discussion Forum, by typing in the PrepTest number, section number, and question number in the search box in the following format: PT#.S#.Q#.

    You can also post your own discussion on the Forum. When posting a question in the Forum, please use the following formats:

    • Reading Comprehension (RC) questions: "PT#.S#.Q# (P#) - brief description of stimulus" E.g. PT60.S1.Q7 (P4) - weakened immune system cancer
    • Logic Games (LG) questions: "PT#.S#.Q# (G#) - brief description of the question" E.g. PT40.S2.Q7 (G2) - could be true of the study
    • Logical Reasoning (LR) questions: "PT#.S#.Q# - brief description of the question" E.g. PT37.S1.Q12 - Political scientist: Efforts to create a more egalitarian
    You can see our Formatting Guidelines on this page.

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions, I am happy to assist you.

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