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Practice Set/Syllabus User Interface Not Loading Properly

SkytrashSkytrash Live Member

I'm using MacOS 13.3.1 in the most up to date version of Safari, and the user interface is not loading properly for my practice sets and Syllabus. I can select answer choices and read all of the questions, but none of the tools are displaying at the top and nor are the Home/Next buttons at the bottom displaying. I've also tried Chrome with no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks.


  • il__humhil__humh Core Member
    24 karma

    Hi, having the same issue, nothing is loading properly.

  • Paula --Student Service--Paula --Student Service-- Member Administrator Student Services
    edited May 31 848 karma

    Hi @jacobfoley7 and @il__humh ,

    I am so sorry for the trouble.

    The site was temporarily down but the fix is now live and you should now be able to access the site.

    However, if you are still having some issues please let me know so I can assist you.

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