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Last LSAT Attempt

Avatario43Avatario43 Core Member

Last attempt for this cycle.

150 -> 155 -> 159.

I need a 161 at least to be at the median for my dream school. 2 more points.

Of course most of us feel less pressure / whole different dynamic practice test vs. real thing, but I was scoring 163 - 167 for the last 10 tests I took prior to the October LSAT. Not sure if my brain freezes or what. My average was 164 so I was expecting a 160 at least.

Please help, how can I get these two extra points? What would you do in my shoes?


  • Avatario43Avatario43 Core Member
    198 karma

    Also to add context, I have taken every single 70 / 80 / 90's practice test - so I suppose that is why I am asking what I should do study wise - analytics and drill? Retake a test a week , then review, etc.?

  • graceseyoum-1-1graceseyoum-1-1 Core Member
    22 karma

    Hi Avatario, I feel you. I was scoring in the 170s in my PTs before I took the August LSAT, and on the official I got a 164 which I didn't feel accurately represented my skills, just my fear on test day. I'm studying to retake now, and some of the things I'm doing to mimic test day are to give myself less time per section when I take the PTs and to join a discord livestream with my camera on to mimic being proctored. Plus, I'd recommend pursuing an accommodation if you have testing anxiety, ADHD, or some other disability that a doctor can diagnose. I hope that helps, I'm with you!

  • abeerasajid119abeerasajid119 Live Member
    15 karma

    Any advise for people who are in 140's?

  • ppersau6ppersau6 Core Member
    15 karma

    Abeera if you are in the 140s I would recommend reviewing and practicing the fundamentals of logic and games too. Spend a decent amount of time on that until you are comfortable and then get into the questions more.

  • Avatario43Avatario43 Core Member
    edited November 2023 198 karma

    I guess Im asking if i retake all the ones i took and start from scratch 7sage? or focus more on review? obviously with the performance anxiety of it being real doesnt help me but instead is a deterrent, i need this to feel as "fake" and relaxed and possible. what do i do study method wise? Im willing to put in the work next month but dont know what to do.

  • whistlingplantwhistlingplant Live Member
    97 karma

    @graceseyoum-1-1 Can you share which discord servers you're using for a livestream?

  • graceseyoum-1-1graceseyoum-1-1 Core Member
    22 karma

    @whistlingplant Hey! Sorry for the late response. I've been on jvscholz's discord server. There are lots of people on there just studying and often people have their cameras on. You can look him up or use this invite link:

    See you there!

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