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Who's coming with me?

So who has committed to the October test? How ready do you feel you are? I've paid my fees and I'm locked in. I'm consistently getting the PT score I'd be happy with on the real thing (17 tests done so far). I'm just hoping I'm able to duplicate my practice results on game day. Good luck to all!


  • ENTJENTJ Alum Inactive ⭐
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    After the proctor finishes with the directions I'm going to yell out, "I'm gonna give everyone a 5 minute head start."

    I'm being facetious of course. -_-
  • harrismeganharrismegan Member
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    Yahoooooo, OCTOBER! :) #wegotthis
  • ddakjikingddakjiking Inactive ⭐
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  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
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    Did you buy diapers yet? I can't decide on a brand... Any recommendations? We can't show up with the wrong ones or we will look like morons!
  • Matt1234567Matt1234567 Inactive ⭐
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    I'm so ready. I wanna punch this test in the face and let it know how it feels to be repeatedly punched in the face, like it has done to me.
  • leonsmoneyleonsmoney Member
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    I'm still working through the last of the logic games bundle. I was starting to feel pretty good about myself and then I hit games 3 and 4 on PT 24 today :/ I've concluded that on test day: If logic games go smoothly ----> my test will go smoothly. I'm going to spend these last 8 weeks, doing 2 PTs a week and drilling logic games every free chance I have to study.

    @Pacifico I hadn't thought of diapers and this may by TMI... The last two practice tests I did, halfway through section 3 I thought I wasn't going to make it till break to use the restroom. Not sure I'm willing to crap my pants during the test to let my mind flow, but I actually did take start keeping track of what times in the morning business calls!! LOL the things this test brings out!
  • nicole.hopkinsnicole.hopkins Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
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    @leonsmoney said:
    So who has committed to the October test?

    @leonsmoney said:
    How ready do you feel you are?
    I think ... overly ready. I still need to lay eyes on a few weird games just to shore that up. Remaining X factor is the experience of actually taking the test. I don't know how I'll respond to the environment but I am certain that I don't need to figure that out.
  • littlesnickerslittlesnickers Member Inactive Sage
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    @leonsmoney said:
    I've concluded that on test day: If logic games go smoothly ----> my test will go smoothly.
    I know you didn't ask for my advice, so take this or leave it... but don't get too hung up on LG determining the whole experience. Though I was counting on going -0 on LG, it ended up being my worst section on the June test. Both the first and last games threw me for a loop. It was exactly that nightmare scenario where you start to feel yourself losing your grip on the section. But the entire rest of the test went smoothly and I ended up making up for the bad LGs on the other sections. But anyway, good luck in these final weeks. :)
  • leonsmoneyleonsmoney Member
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    @Nicole.hopkins I know how you feel on the odd ball games. I copied the thread on here where people listed the games they felt weird or exceptionally difficult and have added those to my own list. I'm going to drill those all as well as many others over the next weeks.

    @sockstcat Thank you for the advice. I know the exact feeling your're talking about. This morning bombed LG games on PT 66 but did great on RC and 1st LR and scored evened out. The crazy thing for me is how consistent I am on my score. (18 PTs complete) 161 is my average and i'm jumping back and forth from old test to new tests now. Last three taken: PT 65-161 PT 54-161 PT-66 this morning 161 lol My goal was to break 160 so I feel like it's possible.

    I've noticed a pattern for sure. Grouping games are my problem. Also, I notice I usually do great on the first LR section but then start missing quite a few towards the end of 2nd LR. Not sure if it's a fatigue issue or that's just where they are putting the harder questions to even the test out. Regardless drilling both of those problem areas over these last weeks and hoping to see my PT average bump up a few points. Thinking of doing PT 72 next week as most say that's the "destroyer" lol If I get my same 161 on it, I'll be feeling pretty good about myself.

    :) Cheers
  • littlesnickerslittlesnickers Member Inactive Sage
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    Your PT consistency is great! Just goes to show that all questions in all sections are worth the same, and when one section is a little bumpy, all is not lost. Studying for this crazy test comes with a lot of ups and downs, but they're all part of the process.
  • lsatblitzlsatblitz Alum Member
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    @Matt1234567 said:
    I'm so ready. I wanna punch this test in the face and let it know how it feels to be repeatedly punched in the face, like it has done to me.
    I love this post

    I'm registered for October but I'm not at the consistency I'd like to be at like the rest of you, so I might be rescheduling for December. I'm not completely ruling out October yet though. I'll be done with the curriculum in the next 2-3 days and I'm gonna PT and BR for the next couple weeks and see where I stand before I make any serious decisions.
  • leonsmoneyleonsmoney Member
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    Hi all, wanted to post an update and good news. Had a great week this week. Took PT55 on Wednesday -164 with 178 BR. Today I took the mighty PT72!!! 163. The last game absolutely destroyed me, although I sat and thought about it later, and think I know how I should have done it. Going to redo it with my idea before I watch video. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know you can break out of a plateau. I was at 161 for 3 tests in a row, and beating my average on 72 made me feel great. 7 weeks!!!!
  • liyidanliyidan Free Trial Member
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    46 days! Go nail it!
  • leonsmoneyleonsmoney Member
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    Crazy! I'm going through something kind of weird. So my goal from the start has just been to break 160. I've taken about 18 or so PTs now and broken 160 on every single one except 2 (158 on 2 of them a while ago). Here's the weird thing, I'm not excited about it. I think once you start reading other people's goals you think man, I should set my sights higher. So many in here shooting for 170s that its got me thinking I should at least shoot for a 165 :) Not a bad thing. Just wanted to say you people motivate me!! 6.5 weeks :)
  • KimberlyKKimberlyK Alum Member
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    *waves* Me.
  • cliffinesscliffiness Alum Member
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    we got this guys
  • dj768083724dj768083724 Alum Member
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    @leonsmoney This 100%. The more time you spend on this, the better you want to get. Started off w/ 133 hoping to hit mid-150's by October. Now it's August and I'm hoping for 165 in December. Sure can't wait till the 170+ itch hits mid-November.
  • leonsmoneyleonsmoney Member
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    Rough PT today. Last 4 PTs were 164, 164, 167, 164. Today I did 73 and got a 160. I got my average on 3 of the sections but bombed the first LR (-9). Then when I did my blind review I got 5 of them but there were still 4 in that section that I just don't get. Will be watching the videos. Just letting it go for today. My goal is to break 160 so this isn't the end of the world. Just depressing to see that score after averaging higher and I truly thought I did very well on that section....
  • nye8870nye8870 Alum
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    Hang in there @leonsmoney !! Maybe drill some old stuff to lift your confidence back up.
  • leonsmoneyleonsmoney Member
    edited September 2015 280 karma
    Thanks @nye8870! I woke up this morning and drilled some LR and did well so that picked me back up. I'm going to be doing 3 more PTs before game day, PT 74 next Saturday. Hoping to see my score back up to my average. Good luck again to all!
  • eastringeastring Alum Member
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    I took #71 today in the real test centre room with the proctor on, and got 163. I've been getting 162/163 for the past few weeks, which is quite discouraging but at least I know what to expect. I don't know how I still got the same score when I bombed a LR section (-9, breaking a record), which are usually my strongest (-1~3). Has anyone else experienced this? Or did I just get really tired by the end of third section...
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